To start:
   portmir -t /dev/tty0

To stop:
   portmir -o ( on another session )

bootinfo -K reports whether the system is running a 32-bit or a 64-bit kernel

- AIX4.3 has only a 32-bit kernel

- AIX5.1 has both 32-bit and 64-bit kernels.  Only
         one [1] can be active on a system [or within a
         LPAR] at a time.

bootinfo -y reports whether the CPU is 32-bit or 64-bit.

Command to tell if an executable is 32 or 64bit:
    dump -ov filename | grep bit


                  Appl    System
                  User    Kernel
                  Mode     Mode     Hrdw    Compatible
                 ------   ------   ------   -----------
     Option 1:   32-bit   32-bit   32-bit   Note #6

     Option 2:   32-bit   32-bit   64-bit   Note #1
                                            Note #6

     Option 3:   32-bit   64-bit   32-bit   Note #2
                                            Note #6

     Option 4:   32-bit   64-bit   64-bit   Note #5
                                            Note #6

     Option 5:   64-bit   32-bit   32-bit   Note #2

     Option 6:   64-bit   32-bit   64-bit   Note #1
                                            Note #4

     Option 7:   64-bit   64-bit   32-bit   Note #2

     Option 8:   64-bit   64-bit   64-bit   Note #3
                                            Note #4
                                            Note #5
                                            Note #6

     Note 1:  Requires AIX4.3 or later.

     Note 2:  Invalid - not possible to run a 64-bit
              kernel on 32-bit hardware.

     Note 3:  Requires AIX5.1 or later.
     Note 4:  64-bit user-space appls:

              bos.64bit fileset must be installed and
              activated using the command:
              "smit load64bit"

              AIX4.3 64-bit appls are not supported on
              AIX5.1.  They must be recompiled.

     Note 5:  The AIX5.1 32-bit kernel is default.

              The AIX5.1 64-bit kernel is optional.

              The AIX5.1 64-bit kernel is installed on
              64-bit hrdw by default, but is inactive.

              The AIX5.1 64-bit kernel can be activated
              at install-time or later using the
              command: "smit load64bit"

              Use "bootinfo -K" to determine which
              kernel is running.

              Use "lslpp -h bos.mp64" to determine if
              the 64-bit kernel is installed.

     Note 6:  AIX5.1 runs AIX4.3 32-bit user-mode appls
              without any changes.

oslevel reports version and release ( doesn't report Maintenance Level ) oslevel -r reports the AIX version, release ? service level. ( not working before AIX4.3.3 ML07 I think ) oslevel -rl 5100-04 reports what is missing to be at 5100 Maintenance level 04. Other ways: uname -vr ( works for all AIX versions ) ( revert the numbers ) 1 5 means 5.1