How to set a system on UPS to automatically reboot after a power outage
1) Ensure you have the latest firmware version installed.
   Some earlier level of firmware are not supporting this

2) The software that initiate the shutdown after the power
   failure must have the -p flag of the shutdown command
   set. This will put the system in stand by mode ( STBY in
   LED for a F50) instead of power off ( OK in the LED ).

3) Enable Unattended Start Mode in the SMS menu or in diag:
   - Diag
    - Enter
     - Task Selection
      - Configure Reboot Policy
       - Enable Unattended Start Mode (1=Yes, 0=No) [1]

If you test this without a UPS and this is a model that uses redundant power supplies, it may be needeed to unplug more than one power supply simultaneously to simulate a real loss of power. Created: Dec 17 2001 by BJ Croft