9076-332MHz Silver

  Name                    Location
                          Thin           Wide                        
  Integrated SCSI Wide    10-60          10-60                  ID00
  No external SCSI connector
  Integrated Ethernet     10-80          10-80                  ID00
  Slot I1 css0            00-f100000 TB3MX switch
  Slot I1                                20-58 to 20-5F 64-bit  ID01
  Slot I2 PCI             10-70 32-bit   20-60 to 20-67 64-bit  ID01
  Slot I3 PCI             10-68 32-bit   20-68 to 20-6F 64-bit  ID00
  pci0                    00-fef00000
  pci1                    00-fed00000
  pci2 riser card         20-78
  Slot I4 PCI                            20-70 to 20-77 32-bit  ID00
  Slot I5 PCI                            2F-00 to 2F-07 32-bit  ID02
  Slot I6 PCI                            2F-08 to 2F-0F 32-bit  ID02
  Slot I7 PCI                            2F-10 to 2F-17 32-bit  ID02
  Slot I8 PCI                            2F-18 to 2F-1F 32-bit  ID02

March 22 2001 BJ Croft