HMC Hardware Parts

19K1567  30GB disk driveIDE: Hard Drive
19K1568  40GB disk driveIDE: Hard Drive
19K1537  DVD-RAM Drive, white
23P3615  DVD-RAM Drive, black
37L4525  IDE: Hard Drive Cable
24P0440  USB Keyboard Black

44P0206  50-foot 9-9 pin serial cable, connects HMC to system
93H6541  8 port async adapter
07L9822  Fanout cable
6298964  Wrap plug
31L7196  9-25 pin serial cable connects from fanout
         cable to system HMC 1
93H6545  128 port async adapter
43G0928  wrap plug
43G0926  Terminator
19K4885  1 10/100 Ethernet Adapter
6339098  Token Ring Adapter Cable (9 Pin D-Shell to STP)
34L5009  PCI: 16/4 Token Ring Mngt
25P4058  PCI: nVidia Vanta (16MB)
33F8354  Battery
00N7685  Power Supply
00N7687  Power Supply  (Japan)
00N7689  Power Supply  (China)
24P6883  Power Supply
24P6885  Power Supply (China)
09K9982  System Board (D5U)
25P5090  System Board (LPU)
32P4004  1 Fan Sink
06P2458  Fan Sink (6578-FHU)
19K7539  Processor, 866Mhz Pentium 3 (6578 D5U)
48P7596  Processor, 933Mhz Pentium 3 (6578-FHU)
33L3074  Memory 128MB SDRAM, NP)
33L3076  Memory (256MB SDRAM, NP) (6578-D5U)
10K0049  Memory (512MB DIMM, EDO ECC)
75H9550  Diskette Drive
75H9552  Diskette Drive (Japan)
19K1537  IDE: DVD RAM Drive (Hitachi- white)
23P3615  IDE: DVD RAM Drive (Panasonic - black)
21L4322  COM Port to Modem Async Cable
01K4909  Fan/Speaker/Power Switch Assy
21G4251  PC Doctor Diagnostic Diskette
09N5532  Mouse, Three-Button USB
12J4546  Mouse, Three-Button USB (ScrollPoint)
28L1865  Mouse, Three-Button USB (ScrollPoint-white)
28L1868  Mouse, Three-Button USB (ScrollPoint-black)
93F2364  US Power Cord

Created Jan 2003 by Bruno Croft