From /usr/lpp/ssp/inst_root/ssp.css.codepoint
       set D: E810 - E87F
       set E: EB10 - EB5F, EB90 - EBAF
       set F: EB00 - EB31
       set I: EB10 - EB23
       set P: EB10 - EB5A
       set R: EB10 - EB5A
       set U: EB00 - EB18, EB28 - EB3F
E810  Reserved msg
E811  Software ID String
E812  Reference Data Log(s)
E813  Switch Chip ID
E814  Switch clock value at fault time
E815  Switch Diagnostic Registers
E816  Adapter ID
E817  Adapter Diagnostic Registers
E818  Interrupt Vector
E819  IP
E81A  Service Request Number
E81B  EDC error type
E81C  Interrupt source (ISR or MX CFG3)
E81D  PID of process sending SIGTERM
E81E  Name of process sending SIGTERM
E81F  Reason for resignation
E820  i860 Interrupt Status
E821  POS Register 0 - 7 (tb3 only)
E822  POS Register 30 - 36 (tb3 only)
E823  Failing Address
E824  Access Type
E825  Number of faulty switch components
E826  Number of possible mis-wired cables
E827  Node Number
E828  Slot Number
E829  Jack Number
E82A  Chip Number
E82B  Port Number
E82C  First Error Capture Register
E82D  Central Queue Error Register
E82E  Service Logic Error Register
E82F  Failure cause
E830  Service command
E831  Route type
E832  Return from routing function
E837  Software ID String
E838  Error limit
E839  Interrupt Status Reg (ISR)
E83A  Error Status Regs (INT_ERR and INT_ERR2)
E83B  SLIH type and pointer
E83C  Error Dependent Data
E83D  POS Registers 0 - 7 (tb3 only)
E83E  POS Registers 30 - 36 (tb3 only)
E83F  Microcode err_rc
E840  Bad received data
E841  PIO Exception Structure
E842  DMA CSR - External Interrupt Only
E843  Channel Status Register 15
E844  Update value for adapter_config
E845  ODM error return value
E846  Frame Number
E847  Old switch primary node number
E848  New switch primary backup node number
E849  Old switch primary backup node number
E84A  Failing node numbers
E84B  Destination device
E850  Current primary backup node number
E851  Frame and Node Number(s)
E852  Chip and Port Number(s)
E853  Process ID
E854  Signal Sent
E857  /var filesystem percentage full
E858  MX Interrupt Status (CFG3)
E859  Bus Err (DMA CSR, MX MBA_ER, PCI C/S)
E85A  MX Miscellaneous Status (CFG2)
E85B  Port Mask
E85C  PIO Exception Data
E85D  EscalateErr (N,1=ThrsMet,2=RecovF,3=1&2)
E85E  AdaptAction (N,1=Reinit,2=Fence,3=Reset)
E85F  ErrCause (ISR#:Bit#>Description)
E860  ISR1.NBA_LHS_Error_ ISR2.NBA_RHS_Status
E861  ISR3.MIC_Error_____ ISR4.MIC_Status____
E862  ISR5.TBIC3_Error___ ISR6.ProtoMicro____
E863  Microcode ErrReturn Bad_Packet_Data____
E864  CSS device driver error
E865  MIC IER val - 6xx_mask
E866  Switch Node Number
E867  Plane Number
E868  Second Error Capture & TOD Registers

EB10  Switch adapter failed POST diagnostics
EB11  Switch Adapter - Critical SFW Err
EB12  Switch Adapter - Critical HW or MC Err
EB13  Switch Adapter - Critical HW or SFW Err
EB14  Switch Adapter - Permanent HW Err
EB15  Switch Adapter - Permanent MC Err
EB16  Switch Fault Service Daemon Terminated
EB17  Switch Adapter - Permanent SFW Err
EB18  Switch Adapter - Permanent HW or MC Err
EB19  Switch Adapter - Permanent HW or SFW Err
EB1A  Switch receiver link sync error
EB1B  Switch receiver FIFO overflow error
EB1C  Switch receiver token count miscompare
EB1D  Switch rcvr EDC errors exceed threshold
EB1E  Switch receiver state machine error
EB1F  Switch sender parity error on data
EB20  Switch Adapter error detected
EB21  Switch adapter failed On-Line diags
EB22  Switch - Faulty switch component
EB23  Switch - cable mis-wired
EB24  Switch Init-State Machine error occurred
EB25  IP pool buffers memory allocation failed
EB26  Switch Adapter Port - Transient HW Err
EB27  Switch Adapter Port - Permanent HW Err
EB28  Switch Adapter - Transient HW Err
EB29  Switch Adapter - Transient MC Err
EB2A  Switch Adapter - Transient SFW Err
EB2B  Switch Adapter - Transient HW or MC Err
EB2C  Switch Adapter - Transient HW or SFW Err
EB2D  Switch Adapter - Critical HW Err
EB2E  Switch Adapter - Critical MC Err
EB2F  I/O error, switch adapter device driver
EB30  Failed to update ODM during CSS config
EB31  Node fence request received
EB32  Switch primary node takeover
EB33  Switch primary backup node takeover
EB34  Primary backup node not responding
EB35  Nodes not initialized during Estart
EB36  Links not initialized during Estart
EB37  Process killed due to link outage
EB38  IP pool buffers below threshold
EB39  Switch sender token sequence error
EB3A  Switch sender invalid route error
EB3B  Sender Lost EOP Error
EB3C  Sender STI Token Re-Time Request
EB3D  Switch sender token count overflow error
EB3E  Switch snd token errors exceed threshold
EB3F  Switch sender link sync error
EB40  Switch sender state machine error
EB41  Switch central queue parity error - NMLL
EB42  Switch central queue parity error - NCLL
EB43  Switch central queue NCLL uninitialized
EB44  Recvr Route Violation Error
EB45  Recvr STI Data Re-Time Request
EB46  Switch service logic incorrect CRC
EB47  Switch svc logic saw bad packet length
EB48  Switch svc logic bad parity - inFIFO
EB49  Switch svc logic bad parity - route tbl
EB4A  Switch svc logic invalid link enable
EB4B  Switch svc logic send TOD error
EB4C  Switch svc logic state machine error
EB4D  Switch adapter interrupt handler error
EB4E  Switch adapter hardware/microcode error
EB4F  Switch adapter microcode error
EB50  Switch adapter link outage
EB51  Bad packet received
EB52  Switch adapter transient error
EB53  Switch adapter error threshold exceeded
EB54  Switch adapter svc interface overrun
EB55  Switch board hardware error
EB56  Switch (master oscillator) lost clock
EB57  Eclock command issued by user
EB58  Switch (non-master) lost clock
EB59  Error writing switch log files
EB5A  Receiver EDC-class error
EB5B  Switch daemon initialization failed
EB5C  Switch daemon received SIGTERM
EB5D  Switch service send queue full
EB5E  Switch daemon couldn't get svc request
EB5F  Resigning switch primaryship
EB90  Resigning as switch primary backup
EB91  Switch daemon ACK of svc command failed
EB92  Switch daemon SDR communications failed
EB93  Switch adapter i/f system call failed
EB94  Switch scan failed
EB95  Switch node miswired
EB96  Switch daemon failed to generate routes
EB97  Fence of node failed
EB98  Switch daemon reopen windows failed
EB99  Estart failedbr> EB9A  Switch daemon couldn't reset IP
EB9B  Switch daemon command broadcast failed
EB9C  Switch daemon DBupdate broadcast failed
EB9D  Switch daemon dependent node svc failure
EB9E  Switch Adapter User Access Error
EB9F  Switch port can not be disabled
EBA0  Switch Topology file distribution failed
EBA1  Parity Error on Free Space LL
EBA2  Source Routed Multicast ECC Error
EBA3  Multicast Source Routed Decode Tbl PE
EBA4  Multicast Lookup Tbl Route Decoder PE
EBA5  Repeat Count Array PE
EBA6  Multicast Route Error
EBA7  Chip ID Error
EBA8  Service Array Overflow Latch
EBA9  PE on input to Service Array
EBAA  PE on output to Service Array
EBAB  Invalid Service Command error
EBAC  Error occurred in TOD logic
EBAD  A Sender Hang was detected
EBAE  A Token Counter Error
EBAF  Receiver TOD ECC Error
EBB0  Master Switch Sequencer error
EBB1  Switch Configuration error
EBB2  Switch Node Configuration error
EBB3  Switch - cable plane mis-wired
EBB4  CSS config failed
EBB5  Adapter critical error recovery started

EB00  Switch adapter hardware
EB01  Switch adapter or switch
EB02  Adapter memory
EB03  Switch cable faulty
EB04  Switch cable or switch
EB05  Switch board
EB06  Switch chip error
EB07  Switch adapter microcode error
EB08  Switch daemon software error
EB09  Switch daemon work request queue overrun
EB0A  Switch network data backlog
EB0B  Switch communications failure
EB0C  System service error
EB0D  Switch kernel extension error
EB0E  Excessive ethernet traffic
EB0F  SDR daemon not running
EB10  Switch adapter configuration
EB11  Windows not previously opened
EB12  Local or remote node off switch
EB13  Switch network needs reset
EB14  Invalid switch adapter access by an application
EB15  Remote switch adapter or microcode failure
EB16  Switch adapter microcode
EB17  Switch adapter software
EB18  Switch adapter hardware/microcode
EB19  Switch adapter hardware/software

EB10  Reserved msg
EB11  Switch adapter failure
EB12  Switch was restarted at user request
EB13  A node on the switch was reset
EB14  Switch data or clock cable disconnected
EB15  Switch clock signal missing
EB16  A node or a switch board lost power
EB17  Transient error in the switch network
EB18  Switch adapter or switch failure
EB19  Switch cable mis-wired
EB1A  Switch cable or switch failure
EB1B  Requested by administrator
EB1C  User Error
EB1D  Remote Fault Service Daemon not running
EB1E  Software Error
EB1F  Cable or Connector Problem
EB20  Run adapter diagnostics
EB21  Switch primary node became inaccessible
EB22  Primary backup node became inaccessible
EB23  Switch board failure
EB24  A node on the switch was shutdown
EB25  Not enough pool buffers for workload
EB26  /var filesystem is full
EB27  Too many files open in system
EB28  Remote switch adapter failure
EB29  Loose, disconnected or bad switch cable
EB2A  A node went offline or was disconnected
EB2B  Operator action
EB2C  Switch adapter hardware/microcode error
EB2D  Couldn't establish operating environment
EB2E  Another process sent a SIGTERM
EB2F  Traffic backlog on switch adapter
EB30  Switch kernel extension error
EB31  Couldn't communicate over switch
EB32  Another node selected as primary
EB33  Another node selected as primary backup
EB34  Ethernet overloaded
EB35  Excessive SDR traffic
EB36  SDR daemon or control workstation down
EB37  Couldn't communicate with switch adapter
EB38  Invalid switch adapter access by a user
EB39  Not enough kernel heap memory
EB3A  Switch adapter hardware
EB3B  Switch adapter or switch
EB3C  Switch adapter microcode
EB3D  Switch adapter software
EB3E  Switch adapter hardware/microcode
EB3F  Switch adapter hardware/software
EB40  Excessive SDR traffic or SDR daemon down
EB41  Node not configured properly

EB10  Run adapter diagnostics
EB11  See /var/adm/SPlogs/css/daemon.stdout for more information
EB12  Check / reconnect / replace cable if problem persists
EB13  Replace switch cable from a powered-off node with a wrap plug
EB14  Use Detail Data to see /var/adm/SPlogs/css/p/ for cable information
EB15  Use Detail Data to see /var/adm/SPlogs/css/p/cable_miswire for possible miswired cables
EB16  Use Detail Data to see /var/adm/SPlogs/css/p/fs_daemon_print.file for more information
EB17  Rerun the Eunfence command after the daemon is running
EB18  Select a node that is on the switch and not currently fenced
EB19  Select a node that is currently fenced
EB1A  See Diagnosis and Messages Guide for additional information
EB1B  Call hardware service if problem persists
EB1C  Call software service if problem persists
EB1D  Call hardware service
EB1E  Call software service
EB1F  Use Detail Data to see /var/adm/SPlogs/css/p/flt for more information
EB20  Run config method with verbose option for more information"
EB21  Use Detail Data to see /var/adm/SPlogs/css/p/fs_daemon_print.file on switch primary backup node
EB22  See the error log on the old switch primary node
EB23  See the error log on the old switch primary backup node
EB24  See the error log on the current switch primary backup node
EB25  See neighboring error log entries for the cause of the outage
EB26  Replace failing switch board
EB27  Pool tuning required
EB28  Issue the Eclock -a command to establish new switch network clocking
EB29  Issue the Estart command to initialize switch network
EB2A  Execute Eunfence to bring node on switch
EB2B  Wait for node to rejoin switch
EB2C  Correct problem and restart daemon
EB2D  Run rc.switch to restart switch daemon
EB2E  Check switch adapter configuration
EB2F  Issue the Estart command if primary takeover doesn't occur
EB30  Issue the Eclock -s xx -m yy command to re-establish clocking
EB31  Obtain free space in filesystem or expand filesystem
EB32  Reduce number of open files
EB33  See /var/adm/SPlogs/css/daemon.stderr for more information
EB34  See the error log on the failing nodes
EB35  Issue Eclock -d to reset switch network and reestablish switch clocking
EB36  Check if SDR daemon is up
EB37  Use Detail Data to see /var/adm/SPlogs/css/p/flt on the primary node for more information
EB38  Identify the offending user process
EB39  Run adapter diagnostics on failing node
EB3A  Use Detail Data to see /var/adm/SPlogs/css/p/dist_topology.log
EB3B  Call software service - performance may be affected
EB3C  Check / reconnect / replace cable / unfence
EB3D  Run adapter diagnostics if problem persists
EB3E  Check Ethernet connection between the CWS and the MSS node
EB3F  Run rc.switch on all the nodes with valid TOD
EB40  For reconfiguring the switch board run: hmcmds -G setid :
EB41  Reconfigure or disconnect the offending node

EB00  Operator entered Estart command
EB01  Switch cable loose or disconnected
EB02  Node rebooted
EB03  Node powered off
EB04  Switch cable mis-wired
EB05  Switch cable unseated
EB06  Operator attempted to unfence a node before its daemon was running
EB07  Operator attempted to fence a node that is currently fenced
EB08  Operator attempted to fence a node that is not in the switch topology
EB09  Operator attempted to unfence a node that is not currently fenced
EB0A  Operator attempted to fence a node that is not currently on the switch
EB0B  Operator requested nodes to be unfenced
EB0C  Operator executed Efence command
EB0D  Operator fenced this node
EB0E  Operator ran rc.switch on node and switch daemon was restarted
EB0F  Clocking not established (Eclock not run)
EB10  Operator ran Eclock
EB11  User program sent SIGTERM
EB12  Operator selected another node as primary
EB13  Operator selected another node as primary backup
EB14  Node ODM configuration wrong
EB27  Information Only
EB28  ODM error
EB29  Switch primary node was reset, powered-down or disconnected
EB30  Switch primary backup node was reset, powered-down or disconnected
EB31  None
EB32  A node was shutdown, reset, powered-off or disconnected
EB33  /var filesystem is full
EB34  Too many files open in system
EB35  The MSS node or the CWS Ethernet cable was disconnected
EB36  SP Switch configuration problem