4.7GB SCSI-2 DVD RAM Drive
#2623 #2627 - FFC 66E - Code Nez PercÚ

  • Ann letters A01-0470 | A01-0755
  • Install Guide
    Backup/restore and boot capabilities are provided in AIX 4330-08 ML, AIX 5.1 or later.
                     FRU      FC
    DVD-RAM Drive: 04N5967  #2623 Black  7017-S80 S85
                                         7025-6F1 F80
                                         7026-6H1 H80 M80
                                         7043-150 270
                                         7044-170 270
                   04N5968  #2627 White  7025-6F1 F80
                                         7043-150 270
                                         7044-170 270
    The following parts can be ordered from the stockroom:
     Disc Cleaner.........................  19P0489
     CD-ROM Test disc.....................  81F8902
     4.7GB DVD Test disc..................  19P2410
    The following P/N can be purchased at 1-800-IBM-CALL:
    They are not FRU and cannot be ordered from parts center except 19P0484.
     Data disc:                               P/N
                2.6GB single-sided Type II  19P0488
                4.7GB single-sided Type II  18P7250, 19P0484 - also a FRU
                                            19P0862 (5-pack of 19P0484)
                                            09P5407 HMC DVD with cartridge
                5.2GB double-sided Type I   19P0485
                9.4GB double-sided Type I   19P0490
    Type I disc cannot be removed from cartridge
    Type II disc can be removed from cartridge
    When removed from cartridge, Type II disc can only be read not written.
    Compatibility: 2.6GB, 4.7GB, 5.2GB, 9.4GB.
    USING DVD-RAM as a file system ( like directcd ) To use a DVD-RAM for writing and reading like a file system, use the following commands. This will work only at AIX 5.2 and above. 1) Put DVD-RAM into drive 2) udfcreate -d /dev/cd0 3) mount -V udfs /dev/cd0 /mnt If you get error, ensure /etc/vfs contains this line: udfs 34 /sbin/helpers/udfmnthelp 4) mount -V udfs /dev/cd0 /mnt ... then use this as a regular filesystem. Created: July 31 2001 by BJ Croft Last Updated: May 2004