Dump Progress Indicators (Dump Status Codes)

The following dump progress indicators, or dump status codes, are part of a
Type 102 message.
 Note:When a lowercase c is listed, it displays in the lower half of the
      seven-segment character position. The leftmost position is blank on
      the following codes.

0c0  The dump completed successfully.
0c1  The dump failed due to an I/O error.
0c2  A dump, requested by the user, is started.
0c2  A user-requested dump has started. You requested a dump
     using the SYSDUMPSTART command, a dump key sequence, or the
     Reset button.
0c3  The dump is inhibited.
0c4  The dump device is not large enough.
     The dump did not complete. A partial dump was written to the
     dump device. There is not enough space on the dump device to
     contain the entire dump. To prevent this problem from occuring
     again, you must increase the size of your dump media.
0c5  The dump did not start, or the dump crashed.
     The dump failed to start. An unecpected error occured while the
     system was attempting to write to the dump media.
0c6  Dumping to a secondary dump device.
     A dump to the secondary dump device was requested. Make the
     secondary dump device ready, then press CTRL-ALT-NUMPAD2
0c7  Reserved.
0c8  The dump function is disabled. No primary dump device is configured.
0c9  A dump is in progress.
0cc  Unknown dump failure