9.1GB SSA Disks - FFC 6CC
thick, cannot replace a thin.

  FRU     FC   Description

03N2837  XXXX  DRVC 10K RPM in a F50 blue carrier
               F40/F50/H50/H70 - FFC 6CC
               Not F80 because of carrier type
03N4139  3079  DMVC 10K RPM
               7025-F80/6F0/6F1 includes carrier
09L1812        Replaced by 34L8484
09L1847  8209  DGHC09B 7,200 RPM Sailfin - VPD
               10K RPM is also used in 7133-D40
               Be sure you choose the right one.
               Replaces 09L4295 
09L2213        Not a valid FRU - uses 09P0618
09L2272        Replaced by 09L2274
09L2274        DCHC09x1 Sailion ( x=B or C )
               Follow on to Scorpions
               7133-020/600 / 2105
               Replaces 09L4302, 09L2272 
09L4258  2513  DCHC09C Hot Swap 7025-F50 & 7131-405
09L2213        Invalid - uses 09L4258
09L4295        Replaced by 09L1847
09L4302        Replaced by 09L2274
09P0618        FFC 6CC -  Includes blue carrier
09P4943        10K Disk/Carrier U3
18P2196        10K RPM
               For 7133-D40/T40: sub to 18P4046 as possible
                                 See RETAIN H171201
18P4046        UCD2 10K
18P6110        UCDY 10K
               sub to 18P4046
21H8734  3089  DCHC 1.6" Subs to 09L4258
               in a blue-handled carrier
               Drive carrier asm 27H1047
               Blank to complete loop 93H4315
34L2256        Subs to 03N2837
               Note: 03N2837 is not for F80
                     Use 03N4139 for F80 
34L7769        Replaced by 34L8484
34L6412        Replaced by 34L8484
34L8483        Replaced by 34L8484
34L8484  3078  DRVC09B Mako - 10K RPM 1.6"
         8509  7133/D40/T40 / 7025-F30/F40/F50 /
               7026-H10/H50/H70 - VPD P/N 34L2291
               Replaces 09L1812 - 34L6412 - 34L7769
34L6473        Subs to 18P2196
34L6474        Subs to 18P2196
               DMVC09B Thornback 10K RPM
               7133-D40/T40 - 2105
88G6200  XXXX  DCHC09B1 Scorpion

  CRU     FC    Description

89H4940  3901,  DCHC Scorpion CRU - Can be replaced by 88G6200
         3908,  VPD

Last Update Feb 2004 by Bruno Croft