FRU      MFG    FFC   FC   Description                         

 07H7537                2804  7135 FWD

 09L0695                2900  DGHS04U Ultra Sailfin Jr. FW
                              Subs to 76H2697

 19H0208                3054  FW 7013 J series CRU
                              ( Includes carrier )
                              94G4406 16-bit carrier (old 19H0209)
                              96G4402  8-bit carrier (old 19H0265)

 22L0027           638  2900  DDRS34560D Draco by IBM
                              Order 76H2697

 74G7008  74G6985  706  3034  DFHSS4W IBM Scorfire 68-SE FW
                              DE+LC 1.6" -  74G7014  LC Only
                              Carrier (Tray) F40 06H8631
                              Carrier (Tray) F30/F50 06H9389
                              NOTE: This drive can be sub by 74G8825

 74G7011  74G6988  707  XXXX  DFHSS4E IBM Starfire 68-HVD FWD
                              1.6" DE+LC
                              Logic card 74G7015

 74G8787                3034  DFHSS4W Parmer Quantum.
                              Subs to 74G7008

 74G8825  74G8813       3034  DFHSS4W Blancstar SE FW by Quantum
                        2314  1) When used in 7203, required
                                 68-pin to 50-pin interposer 87G4587.
                              2) 7204-404 Differential
                                 (with the help of a SE-to-DE card)
                              NOTE: This drive can be sub by 74G8825

 76H2697  93G3159  689  2900  DCHS04U Ultra Scorpion IBM SE FW
                              See VPD example
                              Also used in J50  537 PP

 83H7105  03L5256  792  2900  DDRS34560W Draco Ultra SE FW
                              542 PP or 537 PP

 88G7057                ????  DE+LC 7134 FWD

 93G2970  93G2854  772  DE+LC 1.0"  3000  DCHS04W Scorpion SE FW
                              See VPD Example
                              Other info: ECA 257.
                              Carrier For F40 06H8631
                                      For F30/F50 06H9389
                              Addr Cable for 06H9389 06H7691

 93H9005         689              7317 Ultra SE FW

DE Disk Enclosure LC Logic Card SE Single-Ended FW Fast Wide FWD Fast Wide Differential Last Update Dec 11 2000 by Bruno Croft