PCI FDDI Adapter
#2741 / #2742 / #2743

    devices.pci.4811040.rte ( See README and download skfddi.dd.bin )

    FC      P/N     FFC
   2741   73H3405   795   SK-NET FDDI LP SAS Adapter ( single fiber )
   2742   73H3401   795   SK-NET FDDI LP SAS Adapter ( dual fiber )
   2743   73H3413   795   SK-NET FDDI LP SAS Adapter ( single copper )

  We have very few information about this adapter at this moment. I put
  the following basic information for the adapter LED from SysKonnect
  until we have the official documentation.

  There is also an internet site you may want to look at:
http://www.syskonnect.com --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Amber Green Meaning ______________________________________________ Off Off Device driver not loaded On Device driver loaded but cannot reach network On Device driver loaded and network reached. Last Updated June 18 2002 by Bruno Croft