4-Channel Ultra3 SCSI RAID Adapter
Type 4-X - #2498 - Trombone

- Announcement Letter A00-1508
- Reference Guide PDF <-- ( a MUST, Problem Determination, RAID 5E, etc )
- Installation and Using Guide PDF
- Check Latest Level of Microcode
- Search for latest driver level devices.pci.14102e00.rte 4.3 | 5.1 | 5.2

FRU FFC Base card.......... 37L6892 66D Cache US........... 37L6902 E2A Cache Japan........ 19K0561 E2A Cache battery US... 37L6903 E3A Cache battery Japan 00N9561 E3A Resource Name: scraid0 Fileset: devices.pci.14102e00.* Firmware: 98 will gives errors. Install latest.
WARNING: Enclosures attached on this RAID adapter like 2104-DU3/TU3 are not seen by lscfg output. To verify enclosure microcode ( devices.pci.14102e00.diag MUST be at ) Do: - diag - Task Selection - Download Microcode - Select the raid adapter - F7 - Backplanes Displayed will be a list of backplanes connected to the SCSI RAID adapter. Next to each backplane will be its current microcode level.
Created: Jan 18 2001 by Bruno Croft Updated: Oct 2003 by BJ Croft