2 Gigabit Fiber Channel 64-bit
Type 4-W #6228

- Software level needed: AIX 4330-08 (IY20367) / AIX5.1 / SP: PSSP3.1.1 or later
- Announcement Letter A01-0486
- Documentation: PDF Guide SA23-2550
- Problem Determination Internal IBM Link
- Microcode Check

DRIVERS: 1) Adapter: devices.pci.df1000f9.rte
                       pre-requisites for the above:

         2) Adapter Diagnostics devices.pci.df1000f9.diag
                                  pre-requisites for the above:

         3) Attached devices:  devices.fcp.disk.rte.*

To get the device driver CD:
  1(800) IBM-CALL
  Product numer: 5765-C34
  Form number:   LCD4-0995-12
                            Adapter  00P4495*, 00P2996, 09P5080, 09P0102
LC-SC Fibre Channel Converter Cable  11P1373 #2456
                          Wrap Plug  11P3847, 05N6768
                         Cables P/N  See Guide above
                       Architecture  PCI 2.2
                               Slot  PCI 2.2 64-bit 66-MHz recommended.
                                     PCI 2.1 32-bit 33-MHz

1. Jumper JX1, Pins 1 to2 only
   Jumper JX2 ( Right to JX1 ) pin 2 and 3 need to be jumpered.
2. Data Link Status LEDs
3. Multimode Fiber LC Connector

Resource name:  fcsX   X=number
64-bit 66MHz

* *
* Note: Some customer received 4-W labeled FC 2765. This is the AS/400 FC. Product Engineering has confirmed that the FC 2765 used for AS/400 is equivalent to the FC 6228 for the pSeries. The FRU of this version is 00P4495 ( Part Number 00P4494 ). At this moment, The 2 cards doesn't sub each other. More info to come as it will be available. Created: Apr 27 2001 Last Updated: Jan 2004 by Bruno Croft