Gigabit Fiber Channel Adapter
Type 4-S #6227
Announcement Letter A98-1426
Needed: AIX4.3 + IX81852 ( includes in 4320 ML02 )
Adapter FRU....... 09P1173 <- 00P1882 <- 03N4167 <- 24L0023
Bus Archi......... PCI 2.1
Wrap Plug......... 16G5609
Cables............ 50 or 62.5 micron multi-mode fiber-optic, customer provided
Filesets: devices.pci.df1000f7.*
Link to PCI Adapter Placement Reference to determine right slot position for
this adapter in various RS/6000 models ( requires Acrobat reader )
Needed: AIX 4.3.3
HACMP: 4.3 needs APAR IY05196
Check here for the current microcode level
Installation Guide
Resource name: fcs0
 Green       Yellow                  LED meaning

 OFF         OFF                     Wakeup failure (adapter is defective)
 OFF         ON                      POST failure (adapter is defective)
 OFF         Slow blink  (1HZ)       Wakeup failure
 OFF         Fast blink  (4HZ)       Failure in POST
 OFF         Flashing (irregularly)  POST processing in progress
 ON          OFF                     Failure while functioning
 ON          ON                      Failure while functioning
 ON          Slow blink (1HZ)        Normal - inactive
 ON          Fast blink (4HZ)        Normal - busy
 ON          Flashing (irregularly)  Normal - active
 slow blink  OFF Normal              Link down or not yet started
 slow blink  Slow blink (1HZ)        Off-line for download
 slow blink  Fast blink (4HZ)        Restricted off-line mode (waiting for restart)
Note the difference in fileset name
devices.pci.df1000f7.* --> IBM
devices.pci.df1001f7.* --> Emulex

Jumpers : JX1 JX2
1 2 3 1 2 3
.=. . . .=. emulation IBM
. .=. .=. . emulation EMC/Emulex

For the emulex version of this adapter:
Emulex Web Site

Created: March 23 2000
Last Updated: May 2003 Bruno Croft