PCI SSA Multi-Initiator/RAID EL Adapter (Enhanced)
And SSA Fast-Write Cache Option Card
Type 4-N - #6215

WARNING:  The VPD erroneously displayed those MFG P/N as FRU
          They are NOT FRU !  Here's the right FRU !

                   MFG P/N          FRU
                   09P2080        09L2061
                   25L5814 -----> 09L2061
                   09L2060 -----> 09L2061
                   09L2057 -----> 09L2061
                   25L5798 -----> 96H9938
                   96H9814 -----> 96H9938
                   97H0645 -----> 97H0646

                  B2 -->=| B2 Internal connectorr              | |
     Green light -->     |                                     | |
                  B1 -->=| B1 Internal connectorr              | |
                  A2 -->=|    FRU 09L2061 (without DRAM) #6215 | |
     Green light -->     |        74G7719 Cache Option Card    | |
                         |    DRAM 16MB   89H5651 Qt:2         | |
                  A1 -->=|   ___         _          ___________|_|
                         |__|   |_______| |__|||||||


  • Supported at AIX V4.15, 4.2.1, 4.3.0 - Not AIX 3.2
  • 8 initiators Non-RAID / 2 initiators RAID-5
  • From 3 to 16 drives per RAID Array.
  • Bus width: 32
  • Busmaster: Yes
  • Adapter Type: Long
  • Data transfer rate: 20MB/s per loop
  • Loops: 2
  • Disks per loop: 48
  • Adapter Compatibility: 4M, 4N and 4P (Note 2)
  • RAID support: RAID 5, Fast-Write Cache and Non-RAID
  • Hot Spare: Yes
  • Fast Write Cache: 4MB
  • RAID/Spares Span Loops: No.
  • Boot Support: No.
  • Dump tool: Requires Hot Spare

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  • Microcode:
    Adapter, disks, spare tool and AIX

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    Install, technical & MIM

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    Dave Adams Web Site
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    Note 1: If more than 2 adapters are connected, RAID and Fast-Write Cache
            cannot be used.
         2) Two adapters per loop with RAID and non Fast Write Cache,
            Eight adapters per loop non-RAID and non Fast Write Cache.
                            Data transfer rate 20MB/second per loop
                            Status of light
                                    Off         Both link inactive / DISK failing / link
                                    ON          Both link active
                                    Slow Flash  Only 1 SSA link active
     The adapter card has 4 SSA connectiors that are arranged in 2 pairs.
     Connectors A1 and A2 are one pair; connectors B1 and B2 are the other pair.
     The SSA links must be configured as loops. Each loop is connected to a pair of
     connectors at the SSA card. These connectors MUST be a valid pair ( that is,
     configured, and the diagnostics fail. Operations to all the disk drive modules
     on a particular loop can continue if that loop breaks at any one point.
     This adapter also contains ARRAY MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE that provides RAID-5
     functions to control the arrays of the RAID subsystem. An array can have from
     3 to 16 member disk drives. Each array is handled as ONE LARGE DISK by the
     operating system. The array management software translate requests to this
     large disk into requests to the member disk drive. Although this adapter is a
     RAID adapter, it can be configured so that all, some, or none of the disk
     drives that are attached to it are member disks of arrays.
     Other software in the adapter controls the Fast-Write Cache Option Card. This
     card provides 4MB of cache, which can improve performance for jobs that include
     many write operations. The fast-write cache card has a standard PCMCIA
              SSA Cables:
             P/N       FC            Length
           07H9163    5002        0.18m  0.6ft
           31H7960    5006        0.6m   1.9ft
           07H8985    5010/2895   1.0m   3.3ft
           32H1465    5025/2896   2.5m   8.2ft
           88G6404    5050/2897     5m    16.4ft
           32H1466    5100/2898    10m   32.8ft
           88G6406    5250/2899     25    82.0ft
           93H9821    Internal -  plugs on B1/B2
       INTERNAL CABLING: Ports B1 nad B2 have 2 sets of connectors. There is an
              internal B1/B2 pair and an external B1/B2 pair. Only one pair of
              these loops connector can be used at a time.
    Last Updated: Nov 30 2000