9076 SP Processor Node to RS/6000 Equivalent Cross Reference Table The following table cross references the 9076 SP Processor Node and that of it's equivalent RS/6000 machine type and model number. Note: See "System Unit Memory Combinations" for more information relating to the 9076 SP Processor Node memory combinations and memory module FRU part numbers. 9076 SP Processor Node Equivalent RS/6000 Machine Type and Model Thin Nodes 62MHz Thin Node 7012 Model 370 66MHz Thin Node 7012 Model 390 66MHz Thin Node 2 7012 Model 39H 120MHz Thin Node No equivalent model 160MHz Thin Node 7012 Model 397 Wide Nodes 66MHz Wide Node 7013 Model 590 77MHz Wide Node 7013 Model 591 135MHz Wide Node 7013 Model 595 High Nodes 604 High Node 7015 Model R40 604e High Node 7015 Model R50 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------