Post Error Codes

 Error      Description                           Actions/Possible FRU's

 00010000   CPU card test error                   CPU card
 0001000A   Machine Check                         Use minimum config MAP
 0001500x   Error while erasing system firmware   CPU card
 00016000   Use with Fxx Codes
 00016010   System VPD access failure             Sys. Bd., VPD module
 00017001   CMOS error                            Battery
 00017002   CMOS data gone/not initialized        Battery
 00017003   Power interruption during boot        Update boot sequence
 00017006   Tamper evident detected or battery
 00017007   Maximum login tries                   Power on Reset
 00017008   Maximum login tries                   Power on Reset
 00017013   No power on password entered
 00017015   Tamper evident is detected-security   or Bad CMOS Battery
 00018000   Bad flash image                       CPU card
 00020000   Memory test error
 000210y0   Bad memory in slot "y" (1-8)          Bad/unsupported memory
 00031100   Keyboard in the wrong port
 00031300   Failed to register keyboard interrupt Keyboard, System Board
 00070000   Service Processor POST failure        Service Proc., Sys. Bd.
 00070001   CPU card or power supply failure
 00070006   Slow or stuck fan                     Fans, SP, System Board
 00070007   System over temperature
 00070008   Environmental condition               Use with Fxx codes
 00070009   Environmental condition               Use with Fxx codes
 00070010   Environmental condition               Use with Fxx codes
 00070011   Environmental condition               Use with Fxx codes
 00070012   Service processors fails self test    Serv. Proc., Sys. Bd.
 00070013   Bad NVRAM CRC error                   Battery, System Board
 00070014   Bad service processor firmware        Re-program firmware
 00070015   Bad service processor VPD             Serv. Proc., Sys. Bd.
 00070016   Bad processor firmware failure        Firmware update, Serv. Proc.
 00070017   Bad or low battery                    Battery, SP, Sys. Bd.
 00070018   EPOW test failure                     Serv. Proc., Sys. Bd.
 00070019   Interrupt (IRQ13) test failure        Sys. Bd., Serv. Proc
 0037cyyi   SCSI controller interface error
 0208cyyi   SCSI device/adapter error
 0210cyyi   SCSI DASD error
 0211cyyi   SCSI tape error
 0215cyyi   SCSI CDDROM error

               c=SCSI controller ID assigned in the following order:
                    1.  PCI slot 1
                    2.  PCI slot 2
                    3.  Integrated controller
                    4.  PCI slot 3
                    5.  Continues until last slot...

               Example:  SCSI card slot 2   = ID 0
                         Integrated SCSI    = ID 1
                         SCSI card slot 3   = ID 2

               Example:  Integrated SCSI    = ID 0
                         SCSI card slot 3   = ID 1

               yy=POST error status codes

               08  Invalid device number
               11  No SCSI card
               13  Command failed
               28  Reservation conflict
               29  Device not available
               43  Not enough memory
               47  Waiting for completion
               49  Sense needed
               51  Reset needed
               55  Not ready or no media
               56  Invalid (unsupported) command
               57  Write protected
               59  Media error
               60  Hardware error
               61  Unit attention
               62  Blank check
               63  Command abort
               64  Busy
               65  Media
               66  Script error
               67  Invalid address
               68  Media changed
               69  Device reset
               70  Format in progress
               71  Format corrupted
               72  Start required
               73  Device ID conflict
               74  Manual intervention
               75  Media not found
               76  In progress
               77  Media eject failed
               78  Write protect failed
               80  SCSI controller interface error
               81  SCSI controller interface error
               82  SCSI bus access error
               83  SCSI fuse bad or PTC tripped
               84  SCSI device command failed
               85  SCSI controller interface error
               86  SCSI controller interface error
               87  Short record length
               88  SCSI bus parity error
               89  SCSI device no reset
               90  Time out error
               99  SCSI controller interface error

               i=SCSI ID (0-9 or A-F)

 01291000   An error during L2 Cache test         CPU card
 0243025y   Graphics controller, DAC failure      Grpahics PCI card slot y

 20100xxx   Power Supply
 20A80xxx   Remote IPL error
 20A80000   Insufficient Information to boot      Verify IP address
 20A80001   Client IP address already used        Change IP address
 20A80002   Cannot get gateway IP address         Refer to Fxx Boot Problems
 20A80003   Cannot get server hardware address    Refer to Fxx Boot Problems
 20A80004   Bootp failed                          See Checkpoint F75
 20A80005   File transmission (tftp) failed       Check network connection
 20D00xxx   Unknown/Unrecognized device
 20D0000F   Device selftest failure, no SRN       Locate device with SMS
 20D00010   Device selftest failure
 20E00000   Power on password entry error         Wrong password entered
 20E00001   Privileged-access password entry err. Wrong password entered
 20E00002   Privileged-access password jumper is in wrong jumper position
 20E00003   Power on password must be set for Unattended Mode
 20E00004   Battery needs drained or replaced     Battery, System Board
 20E00005   EEPROM locked-Power on reset--or->    Bad System Board
 20E00008   CMOS corrupted or tampering evident   Battery, System Board
 20E00009   Invalid password entered 3 times      Power on reset, System Bd.
 20E0000A   EEPROM lock problem                   PAP jumper, System Board
 20E0000B   EEPROM write problem                  System Board
 20E0000C   EEPROM read problem                   System Board
 20E00017   Cold boot needed for password entry   Power on reset
 20EE0xxx   Informational
 20EE0003   IP parameter requires 3 delimiters
 20EE0004   Invalid IP parameter
 20EE0005   Invalid IP parameter (>255) 
 20EE0006   No SCSI controllers                   Adapter, System Board
 20EE0007   Keybaord not found                    Keyboard, System Board
 20EE0008   No adapters found                     Adapter, Riser, System Bd.

 21A00xxx   SCSI disk drive                       Device, cable, controller
 21A00001   Test Unit Ready Failed (hardware)     Device, cable, controller
 21A00002   Test Unit Ready Failed-sense data     Media, device
 21A00003   Send diagnostic failed                Device
 21A00004   Send diagnostic failed-DevOfl cmd     Device
 21E00xxx   SCSI tape
 21ED0xxx   SCSI changer
 21EE0xxx   Other SCSI device
 21F00xxx   SCSI CDROM
 21F20xxx   SCSI Read/Write Optical

 25010xxx   Flash
 25010000   No diskette in drive                  Looking for firmware image
 25010001   Diskette seek error
 25010002   Diskette doesn't contain *.IMG file   Insert firmware update dskt
 25010003   Can't open OPENPROM package           System Board
 25010004   Can't find OPENPROM node              System Board
 25010006   System id's don't match               Use correct firmware dskt
 25010007   Image has bad CRC                     Replace firmware dskt
 25010008   Flash write protected-Power on reset  System Board
 25010009   Flash module not supported/recognized Use correct firmware dskt
 2501000A   Flash write protected-Power on reset  System Board
 25A0xxy0   L2 Cache - refer to 2B2xxyrr          CPU, System Board
 25A80xxx   NVRAM                                 Low Battery, Rebuild Config
 25A80000   Initialization failed
 25A80001   All NVRAM initialized
 25A80002   GE area preserved
 25A80011   Data corruption detected-NVRAM
 25A80012   Data corruption detected
 25A80100   NVRAM data validation check failed    Power On Reset
 25AA0xxx   EEPROM                                Security jumper, System Bd.
 25AA0000   Unable to unlock EEPROM
 25AA0001   Read-Recv error
 25AA0002   Read-Trans error
 25AA0003   Write-enable error
 25AA0004   Write-recv error
 25AA0005   Write-disable error
 25AA0006   Write-Trans error
 25AA0007   Unable to lock EEPROM

 25Cyyxxx   Memory                                Memory PD
 25Cyy001   DIMMS fails memory test               Memory DIMM
 25Cyy002   DIMM not supported

 yy=Memory DIMM PD bits
 PD Value    Size       Speed(nsecs)     Parity/ECC      Single/Dual
    64        8MB            60              ECC            Single
    69       16MB            60              ECC            Single
    6B       32MB            60              ECC            Single
    6D       64MB            60              ECC            Single
    6F      128MB            60              ECC            Single

 28030xxx   RTC (Real Time Clock)                 Reset passwords/date/time
 28030001   RTC not updating                      RTC needs initialized
 28030002   Bad date/time                         Reset date/time

 29000002   Keyboard/mouse controller failed      System Board
 29A00003   Keyboard missing                      Keyboard, System Board
 29B00004   Mouse missing                         Mouse, System Board
 2B200042   Unknown processor type
 2B2xxyrr   xx=processor type/speed          21   166Mhz 604+
                                             22   200Mhz 604+
            y=Cache information               0   Integrated cache or N/A
                                              5   512KB
                                              6   1MB
                                              7   256KB
                                              D   ICBM 1MB
 2B2xxy22   Bad processor/CPU
 2B2xxy31   Disabled due to Asymetrical MP
 2BA00xxx   Service Processor (SP)
 2BA00000   Service Processor POST failure
 2BA00001   CPU Card or power supply failure
 2BA00006   FAN error incorrectly reported        Fans, Service Proc., Sys Bd.
 2BA00007   SP reports over temperature           Fans, System Board
 2BA00008   SP reports over temperature           Fans, System Board
 2BA00009   CPU over temperature                  Fans, CPU, System Board
 2BA00010   Fast shutdown pending                 Power supply, System Board
 2BA00011   SP reports CPU failure                Power supply, System Board
 2BA00012   SP reports self-test failure          Service Proc., System Board
 2BA00013   SP reports bad NVRAM CRC              Battery, System Board
 2BA00014   SP reports bad processor firmware     Rebuild firmware
 2BA00015   SP reports bad SP VPD                 Service Proc., System Board
 2BA00016   SP reports firmware failure           Update firmware, Serv. Proc.
 2BA00017   SP reports bad/low battery            Battery, SP, System Board
 2BA00018   EPOW test failure                     Serv. Proc., System Board
 2BA00019   IRQ13 test failure                    System Board, Serv. Proc.
 2BA00020   SP reports VPD access failure         System Board, VPD module
 2BA00022   SP reports bad CRC - CMOS/NVRAM       System Board
 2BA00023   CPU card test error                   CPU card
 2BA00100   SP firmware recovery info can't be written to diskette
 2BA00101   Service Processor not installed
 2BA00102   No SP diskette in drive
 2BA00103   SP firmware diskette corrupted
 2BA00104   SP firmware diskette same level
 2BA00200   SP firmware update error              Unplug/Replug-try again
 2BA00201   SP firmware update error
 2BA00202   SP firmware update error
 2BA00203   SP firmware update error
 2BA00204   SP firmware update error
 40100005   Loss of system power detected         Power Supply
 40111002   Unknown power problem                 Power Supply, Sys Bd, SP
 40111022   High 5.0 voltage                      Power Supply, CPU card
 40111032   High 3.3 voltage                      CPU card, Power Supply
 40111042   High 2.5 voltage                      CPU card, Power Supply
 40111052   High +12 voltage                      Power Supply, Sys. Bd.
 40111062   High -12 voltage                      Power Supply, Sys. Bd.
 40111082   Low 5.0 voltage                       Power Supply, CPU card
 40111092   Low 3.3 voltage                       CPU card, Power Supply
 401110A2   Low 2.5 voltage                       CPU card, Power Supply
 401110B2   Low +12 voltage                       Power Supply, Sys. Bd.
 401110C2   Low -12 voltage                       Power Supply, Sys. Bd.

 40200001   Unknown cooling problem               Fans
 40200021   CPU temperature warning
 40200023   Critical CPU temperature warning
 40200031   I/O planar temperature warning
 40200033   Critical I/O planar temperature
 40200041   Memory temperature warning
 40200043   Critical memory temperature
 40210011   Slow fan
 40210014   Stopped fan

 40A00000   IPL ROS surveillance interval exceeded-Firmware IPL failure
 40B00000   Operating system surveillance interval exceeded
 40D00003   Unknown slow shutdown commanded       Critical cooling problem
 40D00004   Unknown fast shutdown commanded       Locked fan failure
 80001200   Bad firmware recovery diskette        Diskette
 80001300   Same firmware level already loaded
 80001400   Firmware doesn't support system
 80001500   Firmware update file corrupted
 80001600   Firmware update file not on drive     Verify drive/path/filename
 80001700   Firmware file on disk corrupted       Obtain a new file
 80001800   Valid firmware file not located       Verify drive/path/filename
 80001900   Firmware doesn't support system
 80002000   2 Flash images found
 80002100   Firmware update couldn't be loaded    Verify drive/path/filename
 80002200   Firmware update module write-protect  POR, Retry, CPU card
 80002300   Utility version not supported         POR, Retry, CPU card
 80002400   Firmware module not supported         Flash on CPU card bad
 80002500   Firmware module not supported         Flash on CPU card bad
 80002600   Firmware module write-protected       POR, Retry, CPU card
 80002700   Backup recover diskette needed        Insert diskette
 80002800   Update firmware diskette not in drive Insert diskette
 80072000   Service Processor not installed       Install Serv. Processor
 91001100   Remote IPL error, insufficient memory Defective/insufficient mem.
 91001200   Remote IPL error - incorrect IP format for client IP address
 91001300   Remote IPL error - incorrect IP format for server IP address
 91001400   Remote IPL error - incorrect IP format for gateway IP address
 91001500   Remote IPL error - incorrect IP format for netmask
 91001600   Remote IPL error - error writing to NVRAM
 91001700   Remote IPL error - ethernet adapter not found
 91001900   Remote IPL error - token-ring adapter not found
 91002000   Remote IPL error - no network adapters recognized
 91002200   Remote IPL error - ping failed

 M0CON000   System hung during POST               Go to minimum config
 M0CPU000   CPU POST failed                       CPU Card, System Board
 M0CPU001   Checkstop occurred                    CPU Card, System Board
 M0FD0000   System hung during diskette POST      System Board, Diskette Drv.
 M0GA0000   Graphics Adapter POST failed          Graphics Adapter
 M0HD0000   System hung during POST               Go to minimum config
 M0KBD000   System hung during keyboard POST      System board, Keyboard
 M0KBD001   System didn't respond to key entry    Type 101 Keyboard
 M0KBD002   System didn't respond to key entry    Type 102 Keyboard
 M0KBD003   System didn't respond to key entry    Type 106 Keyboard
 M0MC0001   Machine Check                         Go to minimum config
 M0MEM000   No good memory found                  Memory, System Board
 M0MEM001   No good memory found                  Memory, System Board
 M0MEM002   System hung during memory POST        Go to minimum config
 M0PS0000   Power failure                         Go to Power MAP
 M0SCSI00   Unable to load diagnostics            Go to minimum config
 M0SCSI01   Unable to load diagnostics            Go to minimum config
 M0SPK000   Continuous beep is heard              System Board
 M0SPK001   The system doesn't beep               Speaker, System Board
 M0BT0000   Audio error--Use Fxx Code, if none--  Go to minimum config
 M0NET000   Network error--Use Fxx Code, if none--Go to minimum config