RSINFO/6000 3153

3153 emulating a 3151 console

 There are two revisions of the 3153.  Rev A does not support 3151 emulation.
 Rev B added this emulation. Use the following chart to determine if ibm3151
 emulation is supported.

  M/T  MOD  DESCRIPTION  3151 Emulation  MFG P/N  FRU P/N

  3153-AG3  Green  RS232     NO          25H2143  25H2128
  3153-AA3  Amber  RS232     NO          25H2144  25H2129
  3153-AW3  White  RS232     NO          25H2145  25H2130
  3153-BG3  Green  RS232     YES         42H0400  25H4317
  3153-BA3  Amber  RS232     YES         42H0401  25H4318
  3153-BW3  White  RS232     YES         42H0402  25H4319
  3153-CG3  Green  RS422     YES         42H0450  42H0443
  3153-CA3  Amber  RS422     YES         42H0451  42H0444
  3153-CW3  White  RS422     YES         42H0452  42H0445

  How to change default wyse60 to vt100 ( REV A )
   1) To get into 'setup' mode, press the 'control and scroll/
      lock keys,
   2) Press, 'F1 (puts terminal in a quick setup menu)
   3) Press the 'shift' key and 'return' key,
   4) Choose, VT100
   5) Choose, 'pause' option
   6) Choose, 'save'  option
    You may also have to hit F9 and then again choose vt100


F1 Quick
Emulation=IBM 3151, EIA Baud Rate=9600, EIA Data Format=8/1/N
Enhanced=On,        Aux Baud Rate=9600, AUX Data Format=8/1/n
Comm Mode=Full Duplex, Language=U.S.,   Sessions=One

F2 Genrl
Emulation=IBM3151,  Enhanced=On,        AutoWRap=On
Curs Dir=Left to RIght,  Auto Scroll=On, Monitor Mode = Off
Screen Saver=15min, Bell Volume=06,     Warning Bell=On
Bell Length=140 ms, Setup Lang=U.S.,    Sessions=Two

F3 Displ
Display CUrson=On,  Curson=Steady Block, Viewports=1
Pages=01,           Page Length=24,     Screen Video=Normal
Columns=80,         Scroll=Jump,        Overscan Borders=On,
Width Change Clear=Off, Speed=Fast,     Refresh Rate=71 Hz

F4 Kybd  -  Char Set depends on LANG variable for En_US
Langeuage=U.S.      Char Set=National,  Key Mode=ASCII
Keyclick=Off,       Key Repeat=On,      Key Rate= 20 cps
Margin Bell=Off,    Key Lock=Caps,      Caps Lock=Toggle,
Num Lock=Toggle
F5 Keys
Return Key=New Line, Enter Key=Return,  New Line=
Send Key=Page,      Insert Character=Space,  Backspace=/
Desk Acc=Ctrl<-,    Pound Key=U.S.,     Return Key Repeat=Off,
UDKs=Emul Dependent

F6 Ports
EIA Baud Rate=9600, EIA Data Format=8/1/N,  EIA Parity Check=Off
Aux Baud Rate=9600, AUX Data Format=8/1/N,  Aux Parity Check=Off
EIA Xmt=Xon-Xoff,   EIA Recv=Xon-Xoff(XPC)  EIA Xmt Pace=Baud
Aux Xmt=xon-Xoff,   Aux Recv=Xon-Xoff(XPC)  Aux Xmt Pace=Baud

F7 Hosts
Comm Mode=Full Duplex,  Local=Off,          Null Supress=Off
Break=500 ms,       Line Control=IPRTS,     Disconnect=2 sec
Recv =,     Recv =Ignore,      Send ACK=Off,
Turnaround Char=,   Send Null Supress=On

Print=National,     Prnt Line TErm= Prnt BLock TErm=None
Secondary Recv=On,  Indep Pass Thru=Off
Char Set=National,  Status Line=Indicator   WP=Graphics=On
Force Inser=Off,    Set Control=Permanent

F10 Tabs
Auto Init Tabs=Off,  Default Tabs, Every 10, Tab=Field,

F11 AnsBk
Answerback Mode=Off, Answerback Conceal
Answerback Message: blank, bytes Remaining: 0542

F12 Prog
No keys programmed.