IBM  Microcode Update for  EXPANDABLE STORAGE PLUS  2104 - DU3/TU3
SES Microcode Level F016

DATE: 11/28/2001
REVISED: May 8, 2003

Table of Contents

1.0 Microcode Change History

2.0 General Information

3.0 Determine the Current SES Microcode level

4.0.0 Downloading and Unpacking the Firmware Update Package From WEB
4.0.1 Downloading the RPM Format File to the Target Server
4.0.2 Downloading File from the Microcode CD-ROM

5.0 Microcode Download Procedure (SES)


1.0 Microcode Change History:

Corrects a problem updating SES ucode on the secondary JBOD card when a 2104 - DU3/TU3 subsystem contains 2 JBOD (FC 2635) cards.

2.0 General information



This package is being provided to allow update of the SES function ucode in a IBM EXPANDABLE STORAGE PLUS subsystem  2104 - DU3/TU3

NOTE: The SP2 procedure requires copying microcode files to the appropriate SPOT(s). Therefore, it is highly  recommended that someone with an appropriate level of AIX experience and expertise performs the update, preferably the System Administrator or person(s) designated as responsible for making software updates to the system.

NOTE: Please verify the following values for this microcode file: 2104_ses-F016.rpm
             Filesize: 32779 bytes
            Checksum: 22443

3.0 Determine Current SES Microcode level:

Before you install the microcode, it is important to determine the
current microcode level of the SES device installed in the target subsystem.
Use the following instructions to read the ROS Level and ID stored in the
backplane's VPD.
***NOTE:  If the backplane is connected to a SCSI RAID adapter skip to the
"SCSI RAID Procedure" under the Microcode Download Procedure.***
1)  List the backplanes adapters installed in the system by typing:
    lsdev -C | grep ses
Note: All of the backplanes addresses that are installed will be
displayed.The backplane names will be sesX, where X is 0, 1, etc.
2) To check the current microcode level for the adapter enter the
   following command
   lscfg -vl sesX
Where X is the number/s of the previous command.
The Command will produce output similar to
DEVICE               LOCATION            DESCRIPTION
  ses1              30-69-00-15,0     SCSI Enclosure Services Device

        Machine Type and Model......2104-DU3        
        ROS Level and ID............F016
        Device Specific.(Z0)........0D00030232004000
If the "ROS Level and ID" XXXX is lower than F016 then you should
update the microcode. Confirm that "Machine Type and Model" shows
either "2104-DU3" or "2104-TU3"

4.0.0 Downloading and Unpacking the Firmware Update Package From WEB
a) Make a directory on an AIX system to receive the AIX format file.

Enter: mkdir /tmp/fwupdate

Note: If the directory /tmp/fwupdate already exists, make sure it is empty before proceeding.

b) Transfer the AIX format file to the /tmp/fwupdate directory (using "Save as ...").

You'll see the filename is ses_F016.bin

c) Unpack the file by executing the instructions below. You will be asked for the password from the license agreement.

Enter the commands:

cd /tmp/fwupdate

chmod +x ses_F016.bin


[Don't overlook the periods (.) in the above command.]

The directory 2104ses_dir with these files will be added to /tmp/fwupdate.


Note: w_ses_F016.txt  is a read me file(same as this file), it can be saved or printed for future use.

Enter the following command to copy the microcode files to " /etc/microcode " directory :

cp /tmp/fwupdate/2104ses_dir/4F532204.F016  /etc/microcode

Enter the following commands to copy these file onto a diskette:

ls /etc/microcode/4F532204.F016 | backup -i -v -f/dev/rfd0

This will produce AIX backup diskettes. Label the diskettes:

" 2104 - DU3/TU3  SES  Microcode Level F016"

4.0.1 Downloading the RPM Format File to the Target Server
Use this method to download to an AIX system:

Note: The instructions that follow are specific AIX commands. AIX commands are CASE (lower and upper) SENSITIVE, and must be entered exactly as shown, including filenames.

a) Make a directory on an AIX system to receive the RPM format file.
    Enter:      mkdir /etc/microcode

    Note: If the directory /etc/microcode already exists, make sure it is empty before proceeding.

b) Transfer the RPM format file to the /etc/microcode directory (using "Save as ...").
    You'll see the filename is 2104_ses-F016.rpm

c) Unpack the file by executing the instructions below:
    Enter the commands:
        rpm -ihv --ignoreos 2104_ses-F016.rpm

The file size and checksum will be verified.

The microcode files will be added to /etc/microcode/

4.0.2 Downloading File from the Microcode CD-ROM

Copy microcode updates from the CD-ROM to standard locations on your local disk:

1. RPM packaged microcode files will be copied to "/tmp/microcode/RPM"
2. Microcode files will be copied to the location specified in the individual ReadMe file for the microcode being copied.  Please reference the ReadMe for the files being copied for more details.

 - "/etc/microcode" is a symbolic link to "/usr/lib/microcode".
 - If permission does not allow the copy to the above stated directory
                  or file then the user will be prompted for a new location.

5.0 Microcode Download Procedure (SES)

Warning: Do not power off the system during microcode download as this may permanently damage the 2104 subsystem.

NOTE: Please save current and older versions of the microcode update files in case you need to restore your system.

Caution: The microcode download process is nondestructive to the subsystem; however, as a precaution, ensure that a backup operation has been performed on the affected systems PRIOR to the microcode installation.

Can microcode be installed Concurrently?
All applications should be stopped before downloading the new SES ucode to the 2104 - DU3/TU3 SES device.

Is subsystem reboot needed to activate the microcode: No

Installation Time:  Approximately 30 minutes CE Time; Approximately 15 minutes System Time

JBOD SCSI Procedure:
1. Stop all applications.
2. Enter diag
3. Select the "Task Selection" from diagnostics menu.
4. Select "Microcode Download" from "Task Selection" menu.
5. Select SES device that needs to be updated from the list of devices.
6. Select filesystem.
7. Select "latest" as the Microcode level to download, Select "YES" to the question whether to download microcode even if present level is missing on the media.
NOTE:  If this level of ucode is already installed in the backplane you will receive a message that will let you know. A message may also be displayed if the /etc/microcode directory does not have the previous level microcode. This is true and is not required to complete the download. Hit enter to continue.
8. The following message will appear on the screen when download is completed: "The microcode download has completed successfully".
9. Return to the Tasks Selection menu and repeat this procedure for each SES device that requires this microcode.

NOTE: The code takes effect immediately but VPD is not updated. ROS info will not indicate the change until the system the drawer is attached to is power cycled

10. Exit diagnostics.

SCSI RAID Procedure:
***Note: devices.pci.14102e00.diag. or higher is required for this function to complete***
Type: diag
    Press: enter
    Select: Task Selection (_________ Service Aids)
        Press: enter
    Select: Download Microcode
        Press: enter
    Select: the RAID adapter to which the 2104 is attached
        Press: enter
        Press: F7
    Select: Backplanes
        Press: enter
Displayed will be a list of backplanes connected to the SCSI RAID adapter. Next to each backplane will be its current microcode level.
    Select: All Backplanes
         OR Individual backplanes
        Press: enter
        Press: F7

If the current microcode level is less than the desired level:
    Select: Latest Level
    Press: Enter
If the current microcode level is greater than the desired level.
    Select: Previous Level
    Press: Enter

Exit from diagnostics when complete.

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