IBM UltraStar2 XP 4.5GB and 9.1GB Microcode

UDATE: 11/6/97 - Update to lastest level microcode available (RAMR6063). New microcode contains latest minor fixes and enhancements.

This release provides Microcode ECA 257 for the IBM UltraStar2 XP 4.5GB and 9.1GB hard disks used on the RS/6000 70xx, and SP2 9076 systems, and 7131 and 7204 subsystems.


This ECA257 is described in Service Bulletin dated June 19, 1997. This ECA applies ONLY to the following hard disk part numbers. If you have any questions call 1-800-IBM-SERV.
 -------  -------  ---------------
 93G2970  93G2854  4.5GB Fast,Wide,Single-Ended
 76H2697  93G3159  4.5GB Fast,Wide,Ultra,Single-Ended
 93G2972  93G2863  9.1GB Fast,Wide,Single-Ended
 76H2698  93G3160  9.1GB Fast,Wide,Ultra,single-Ended
 27H1677  93G3064  9.1GB Fast,Wide,Differential

NOTE: Applying this microcode to the listed hard disks is accomplished through the Download Service Aid found in the RS/6000 AIX Diagnostics Version 4.2 or later. If you are unfamiliar with using these diagnostics, contact your local RS/6000 Service Representative and request ECA 257 for your 70xx, 7204, or 7131 system/subsystem; or ECA 021 for your 9076 system.

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