Microcode Description 7015-R50, 7015-R40, 7013-J50, 7013-J40 and 7012-G30


New Level Description

This document describes the current firmware level for 7015-R50 systems built with a special RPQ 8A1091. This RPQ provides for different processor cards than other R50 systems. It requires a system microcode level different from other R50 systems.

The microcode level current for R50 systems with RPQ 8A1091 is called A9.52 containing A952 firmware.

How to determine if this microcode is for your system

This microcode is only for 7015-R50 systems with a special RPQ 8A1091.

You can determine that your R50 system has the RPQ 8A1091 by issuing the following AIX commands:

lscfg -vl cpucard* | fgrep "FRU Number" | fgrep "N4F"

If this returns a line or lines like

        FRU Number..................N4F
with the word "N4F" in it, then your system has the RPQ indicated. Otherwise it does not.

How to determine your microcode version

To determine the flash microcode level installed on the machine, perform the following steps:
  1) If the SYSTEM is powered ON and AIX is operational, perform
     the following steps:
     a) At the AIX prompt, execute the command:
        lscfg -vl ioplanar0
     b) Refer to the heading "Device Specific (RM)". This field
        contains the flash microcode level. An Example:
        Device Specific.(RM)........3115G4833         A9520902
  2) If STANDBY POWER is ON and the Standby Menu is accessible on
     the machine with the key in the service position, check the
     flash level from option "0 Display Configuration".  An
     example screen follows where the flash level is indicated
     after FLASH_FW.  In this example, the flash level is shown
     as "FLASH_FW A952"

                  Display Configuration
     SID TM          7013R50 78442       SID Y2  00078442
     SID Y3  7fffff003936303231390000        UNIT  PAAAAAAA  00
     CPU conf        AACD                    MM conf         CCCC
     FLASH_FW  A952  MM size   0200   OP_KEY  SRV     E_KEY   NRM
     OPP             78163842
     SP    E59317    35H8803
     CPU0                              CPU1  E59296    35H8733
     MC0             78164364
                                PS00    A3   52G4018

How To Upgrade Your System Microcode

To obtain the A952 firmware, at this time, you will need to contact you hardware service support representative as the firmware is not currently available for download on the internet.
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