RS/6000 SP 9076 System and Service Processor Firmware Update

Applies to: IBM RS/6000 SP 9076 POWER3 SMP Thin/Wide Nodes

The latest firmware level is listed below.

NOTE:  This firmware is for RS/6000 SP 9076-Power3 SMP T/W Nodes only.

NOTE:  To have this firmware installed on your system please call your IBM Customer Engineer (CE).  They will install the code for you.

Revision History
Level Description
  • First Post-GA Release
  • Fixes data errata problem.
  • Original (GA) FW level. 
  • Preliminary (pre-GA) FW level.

To get a copy of the latest firmware level contact your IBM Customer Engineer (CE).

If your systems are not under warranty, or you do not have a maintenance agreement with IBM, but would still like a copy of the latest firmware level contact Rose Cisneros at (630)574-4277 or Jerry Mines at (630)574-4405 and they will arrange to ship you a copy of the firmware on diskette.  Be ready to supply the following information when calling.

Customer Name:
System S/N:
Node type: 604/604e, 332Mhz, or Power3
Address to Ship to:
( Overnight delivery is not possibly with P.O. Box entry )
Contact to Receive:
Telephone #:

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