RS/6000 Microcode Update For 9.1GB LVD SCSI Disk Drive

Microcode Level 38- Model DRVS09

DATE: 3/24/2000

Table of Contents

General Information
Problem Fixed
Disk Drives Affected
Machines Affected
Operating System levels supported
Determine Drive Model, FRU&PN And Current Microcode level
Downloading and Unpacking the Firmware Update Package From WEB
SCSI Hard Disk Drive Microcode Download Procedure


General information

SUBJECT: RS/6000 IBM 9.1GB(Ultrastar 9LZX,Model DRVS09) SCSI Hard Disk Microcode Update


This package provide Microcode update for IBM 9.1GB SCSI hard disk drive, Ultrastar 9LZX Model DRVS09

FRU# 34L2232and 34L2233

Problem Fixed:
Microcode level 38 enables early write (fast write) feature of drive, thus increases write performance of drive. This change only effects sequential write operation of disk drive, it does not effect random write or read operation. In some specific customer applications, this change increases the write performance. This is not a mandatory microcode change, it is only performance enhancement.

Disk Drives Affected:

This microcode is for use in the following IBM 9.1GB SCSI hard disk drive:

Part Number    FRU P/N         Model            Microcode level     Description
------------        ----------          -------------      ----------------        ----------------------
08L8636          34L2232         DRVS09V       below 38   9.1GB,68 Pin,LVD
09L1495          34L2233         DRVS09D       below 38   9.1GB,80 Pin,LVD

The microcode upgrade will bring up to the current level which is 38.

Machines Affected: All RISC/6000 machine using this SCSI hard disk drive.

Operating System levels supported:

All levels of AIX that these products were announced on.

Determine the Drive Model, FRU&PN and Current Microcode level:

To see the drive type and current microcode level, Execute the following command:

lscfg -vl hdisk* |pg

Example of the info on a 9.1GB LVD SCSI hard disk:

lscfg -vl hdisk4

hdisk4     10-68-00-12,0         16 Bit LVD SCSI Disk Drive (9100 MB)

Machine Type and Model......DRVS09V
FRU Number......................... 34L2232
ROS Level and ID.................30313730
Serial Number......................68005385
EC Level.................... ........
Part Number........................08L8636
Device Specific.(Z0)............000003029F00013A
Device Specific.(Z1)...........SARSPR6017
Device Specific.(Z2)...........09RI
Device Specific.(Z3)...........98344
Device Specific.(Z4)...........0001
Device Specific.(Z5)...........22
Device Specific.(Z6)........ ..

Downloading and Unpacking the Firmware Update Package From WEB

Follow the instructions on this page. You must read and agree to the license agreement to obtain the password (case sensitive) for unpacking the firmware packages.

In the table for RS/6000 DASD Microcode, find Ultrastar 9LZX,9.1GB SCSI Disk Drive
In the Files to read/download column, you will find:
Description (This instructions document)
AIX Format (For downloading to an AIX system or workstation)
You will want a copy of the description (instructions document) and AIX format file.
Detailed download/unpacking instructions is as follow for AIX format file:

a) Make a directory on an AIX system to receive the AIX format file.
Enter: mkdir /tmp/fwupdate

Note: If the directory /tmp/fwupdate already exists, make sure it is empty before proceeding.

b) Transfer the AIX format file to the /tmp/fwupdate directory (using "Save as ...").
You'll see the filename is drvs09.bin

c) Unpack the file by executing the instructions below. You will be asked for the password from the license agreement.
Enter the commands:
cd /tmp/fwupdate
chmod +x drvs09.bin

[Don't overlook the periods (.) in the above command.]
The directory drvs09fw with these files will be added to /tmp/fwupdate.

Note: drvs09.txt is a read me file(same is this file), it can be saved or printed for future use.

Enter the following command to copy the microcode files to " /etc/microcode " directory :
cp /tmp/fwupdate/drvs09fw/DRVS09*  /etc/microcode

Enter the following commands to copy these file onto a diskette:
ls /etc/microcode/DRVS09* | backup -i -v -f/dev/rfd0

This will produce AIX backup diskettes. Label the diskettes,

"DRVS09 Microcode Updated level 38"

SCSI Hard Disk Drive Microcode Download Procedure:

Warning: Do not power off the system or the drive during microcode download as this may permanently damage the disk drive
Caution: The microcode download process is nondestructive to the hard disks; however, as a precaution, ensure that a backup operation has been performed on the affected systems PRIOR to the microcode installation.

Can microcode be installed Concurrently?
If the disk is part of rootvg, microcode download can ONLY be performed in service mode using diagnostics CD. If disk is not part of rootvg, microcode download can be performed cuncurrently as long as drive is not in use.

Is system reboot needed to activate the microcode:  Yes

Installation Time:  Approximately 30 minutes CE Time; Approximately 15 minutes System Time

1. Properly shutdown the system.
2. Boot up the system in SERVICE mode with the CDROM diagnostics(Use diagnostics level 4.21 or above;  It is recommended to use the same level of Diagnostic CD as the AIX ).
3. Select the "Task Selection" from diagnostics menu.
4. Select "Microcode Download" from "Task Selection" menu.
5. Select hard disk drive (disk) that needs to be updated from the list of devices.
6. Select "diskette" as the Input device, Select "latest" as the Microcode level to download, Select "YES" to the question whether to download microcode even if present level is missing on the media (the diskette does not have the level that is loaded on the disk).
NOTE: A prompt will ask you to insert the microcode diskette into the floppy drive. Insert the diskette which accompanies these instructions. If this level is already installed in the drive you've selected a message will let you know.

7- The following microcode files are included in the diskette, use the list below for cross reference:
P/N               FRU P/N       Model                        Microcode File Name
------------      ----------         -------------        ----------------------------------------
08L8636          34L2232         DRVS09V       DRVS09V DRVS09V.A090061E.00020380
09L1495          34L2233         DRVS09D       DRVS09D DRVS09D.A090061E.00020380

8. The following message will appear on the screen when download is completed: "The microcode download has completed successfully".
9. Return to the Tasks Selection menu and repeat this procedure for each hard disk that requires this microcode.

NOTE: The code takes effect immediately but VPD is not updated. VPD "Z1" info will not indicate the change until the system is power cycled

10. Exit diagnostic and reboot system in normal mode.

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