RS/6000 SP 9076 System and Service Processor Firmware Update

Applies to: IBM RS/6000 SP 9076 POWER3 SMP Thin/Wide Nodes

NOTE: This firmware is for RS/6000 SP 9076 POWER3 SMP T/W Nodes only.


The latest firmware level is:

For instructions on obtaining this firmware, see the chart at the bottom of this file.


Revision History
Level Description
  • Add compilation flag to handle MC in checkstop
  • RAS enhancements
  • Corrects incorrect Processor Chip ID
  • Adds HB info in NVRAM err-log partition
  • Adds definition to extended error log
  • Fixes erroneous vpd on TB3MX cards
  • Resolves E!DC problems
  • Enforce minimum value for DASD spin-up
  • Supports 256/512 Meg DIMMs
  • Prevents AIX from hanging at 0554 or entering the kernel debugger 0c20 after 0c33
  • Improve error isolation on PCI bus
  • Shows L2 cash in display configuration
  • Prevents possible bypass of power on password
  • Fixes erroneous reporting of full duplex ethernet link
  • Prevents system from rebooting when doing Shutdown -F
  • Fixes some problems resulting in E0E1 errors
  • Prevents a power faliure when updating firmware
  • Provide memory repeat guard
  • Fixes problems resulting in E213 hang
  • Provide NVRAM clear function in menus
  • Changes voltage threshold value
  • Enables long boot for new CPU cards
  • First Post-GA Release
  • Fixes data errata problem.
  • Original (GA) FW level. 

How to get a copy of the latest firmware level:
System Status Contact
Under Warranty Call IBM CE
IBM Maintenance Agreement Call IBM CE
Third Party / Self Maintainers

In the US: Contact Rose Cisneros at (630) 574-4277

Outside the US: Contact your local IBM Branch Office

Have the following information available when calling.

Customer Name:
System S/N:
Node type: 604/604e, 332MHz, or Power3
Address to Ship to:
( No overnight delivery to P.O. Box entry )
Contact to Receive:
Telephone #:

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