RS/6000 SP 9076 375 MHz SMP System and Service Processor Firmware Update

Applies to: IBM RS/6000 SP 9076 375 MHz POWER3 SMP Thin/Wide Nodes

NOTE: This firmware is for RS/6000 SP 9076 375 MHz POWER3 SMP T/W Nodes only.


The latest firmware level is:

For instructions on obtaining this firmware, see the chart at the bottom of this file.

Revision History
Level Description
  • Enhanced L2 Cache single-bit error algorithm for improved single-bit error analysis and reporting.
    (This fix will reduce CPU card replacements and performance degradations due to L2 ECC single-bit errors. This fix is critical to all 375 MHz Power3 SMP Thin/Wide nodes. Please install at your earliest convenience as this fix is classified as "Strongly Recommended".)
  • Adds support for IBM 4-Port 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet PCI Adapter.
  • Contains miscellaneous network fixes for ping failures and broadcast packets filtering.
  • Original (GA) FW level


How to get a copy of the latest firmware level:
System Status Contact
Under Warranty Call IBM CE
IBM Maintenance Agreement Call IBM CE
Third Party / Self Maintainers In the US: Contact Rose Cisneros at (630) 574-4277

Outside the US: Contact your local IBM Branch Office

Have the following information available when calling.

Customer Name:
System S/N:
Node type: 604/604e, 332MHz, or Power3
Address to Ship to:
( No overnight delivery to P.O. Box entry )
Contact to Receive:
Telephone #:

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