pSeries p5 7037-A50 and 7047-185  Firmware

Applies to:  IBM eServer 7037-A50 and 7047-185

This document provides information about the installation of Licensed Machine or Licensed Internal Code, which is sometimes referred to generically as microcode or firmware.


1.0 Systems Affected

This package provides new firmware for 7037-A50 and 7047-185 systems only.  Do not use on any other systems.

The firmware level contained in this package is:

2.0 Cautions and Important Notes

The System and  Service Processor (SvP) firmware are combined into a single file. This allows all the firmware to be updated together and assures they are compatible.

Before Beginning the Update

Go to  to determine if the tools can assist you with this installation.

Native Linux Systems

To update firmware on a Linux system, you must first download and install the following service tools on your server: Platform Enablement Library, Service Aids, and Hardware Inventory. To obtain these service tools, go to and follow the instructions on this web site for downloading and installing the service tools.

Firmware Update Installation Is Not Concurrent

Installation of the firmware will cause an unconditional reboot of the system. Therefore, all user operations should be gracefully terminated before firmware updates are to be applied.

Never Power Off the System During the Firmware Update Process

The update will fail, and the process must be repeated.

AIX and Linux Instructions are CASE SENSITIVE

In the instructions that follow are specific AIX and Linux commands. AIX and Linux commands are CASE (lower and upper) SENSITIVE, and must be entered exactly as shown, including the filenames.

3.0 Firmware Information and Description

Filename Size Checksum
AT206-192-2.rpm 1237077 24501
AT061_192 Impact:  Function       Severity:  PE
  • A problem was fixed that prevented the optical drive shipped with F/C 5763 from booting AIX and Linux installation CDs.
  • A problem was fixed that caused the timed-power-on function to power-on the system at the wrong time. 
  • Various enhancements were made to improve the serviceability of the system.`
AT061_061 Impact:  New       Severity:  New
  • Original (GA) level.

4.0 How to Determine Currently Installed Firmware Levels

Instructions for determining the current level of firmware can be found at

5.0 Downloading the Firmware Package

The firmware is located at the web site

Follow the instructions on this web page. You must read and agree to the license agreement to obtain the firmware packages.

Follow the instructions on this web page. You must read and agree to the license agreement to obtain the firmware packages.

In the drop-down box, choose the entry for your specific machine type and model.

You may download the individual .rpm file for system firmware from this location to your server, an ftp server, or a CD-ROM.   If using a CD-ROM, copy the .rpm file to the CD-ROM using a local CD-ROM burner utility.

6.0 Installing the Firmware

Instructions for installing firmware  can be found at

Choose the option that matches your server setup, and follow the instructions provided.