README: 4GB SLR5 Tape Drive Microcode

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README: 4GB SLR5 Tape Drive Microcode

  • Version: 0942
  • Date: May 20, 2003
  • General information
  • Operating System levels supported:
  • Installation Time:
  • Can microcode be installed Concurrently?
  • Is system reboot needed to activate the microcode
  • Additional Cautions
  • Machines Affected:
  • Microcode History
  • Display Microcode Level
  • Microcode Install Programs
  • Putting the microcode on the system
  • From the IBM WEB site via the user downloading the files.
  • From a CD-ROM.
  • Packaged Microcode Files
  • AIX bin file
  • AIX bin file copying files

  • README: 4GB SLR5 Tape Drive Microcode

    Version: 0942

    Date: May 20, 2003

    General information

    ******* PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE NOTICE *********

    This package is being provided to allow the update of older 4GB SLR5 Tape Drives to the latest level of microcode that is currently shipping from IBM.

    Customers are encouraged to install the latest microcode level themselves. The microcode and instructions are available for customers at the IBM external web site:

    Operating System levels supported:

    All levels of AIX that this product was announced on.

    Installation Time:

    The typical time to install this microcode is .3 hrs.
    The microcode becomes active when installed and does not require a system reboot to become active.

    Can microcode be installed Concurrently?

    Yes, but the tape drive must be available with no tape in the drive, and no other processing running to the tape drive.

    Is system reboot needed to activate the microcode

    A reboot is not needed as the microcode is active in the drive when the drive completes microcode download.
    If you use Genucode to download the microcode to the tape drive you will use the AIX rmdev and mkdev commands to have the Vital Product Data show the new microcode level.

    Additional Cautions

    Do not power off the tape drive during microcode download as this may damage the tape drive microcode requiring the tape drive to be replaced.

    Remove any tape cartridge from the drive prior to attempting the microcode download.

    Machines Affected:

    All pSeries and RS/6000 machines this product was announce on. In general if the tape drive configures and is available with the VPD showing the Machine Type and microcode level as described in this README the machine is one affected.

    Microcode History

    The microcode update will bring the 4GB SLR5 tape drive up to the current level of microcode which is:

    Table 1. Microcode History
    Tape Drive P/N Tape Drive FRU P/N Microcode Level What does this microcode change

    59H4435 59H4434 0923 First Microcode level shipped.

    59H4435 59H4434 0939 Fix Mode Select Command and improve poor media Read/Write processing.

    59H4435 59H4434 0940 Fix failure to boot from some "mksysb" tapes.
    Fix the restore of QIC-1000 tapes with density set at 166.

    59H4435 59H4434 0942 Fix Blank Check on Space Reverse at Track Boundaries.

    Display Microcode Level

    Note: In some cases you may already have the most current level of microcode already installed. The following instructions show you how to check the tape drive microcode level.

    To display the level of microcode in the IBM 7207-122 or the internal 4GB SLR5 tape drive do the following AIX command:

     lscfg -vl rmt0               <--- change the drive number to reflect
                                       the actual rmt address of the 4GB
                                       SLR5 tape drive.

    The output of the lscfg command will look like the following with the "Device Specific.(Z1)" showing the microcode level:

       rmt0              00-00-01-6,0      SCSI 1/4-Inch Tape Drive (8000 MB)
             Machine Type and Model......IBM SLR5      !D
             Device Specific.(Z1)........0942
             Serial Number...............G0019161
             Device Specific.(LI)........A0B00E19
             Part Number.................59H4435
             FRU Number..................59H4434
             EC Level....................E30414
             Device Specific.(Z0)........0180020283000009
             Device Specific.(Z3)........N1

    The Device Specific.(Z1)........ field is the microcode level.

    Microcode Install Programs

    In order to complete the microcode download to a 4GB SLR5 tape drive you will need to use the
    Genucode program.
    AIX 5.1 Diagnostics or later.

    Microcode download is part of AIX 5.1 diagnostics. If you are not on AIX 5.1, or later, diagnostics you will need to download the Genucode package from the IBM eserver pSeries & RS/6000 Microcode WEB site.
    For both the Genucode program and AIX Diagnostics you will need the microcode and dsdata file in this package.

    The Genucode package is available from the IBM WEB site:

    Putting the microcode on the system

    There are 2 ways a user can get the microcode files. Each of these will put the microcode on the user's system but the user may have to move the files to appropriate directory for system use.

    From the IBM WEB site via the user downloading the files.

    When the user downloads the microcode files from the IBM web site the packaged microcode files will be put into the /tmp directory.

    From a CD-ROM.

    Note: AIX commands and file names are case sensitive.
    If the users AIX permission does not allow the copy to the above stated directory or file then the user will be prompted for a new location.

    Packaged Microcode Files

    AIX bin file

    AIX bin file copying files

    AIX Diagnostics and Genucode have different naming conventions for the files they use. Files with both sets of naming conventions are included in this package.
    Caution should be taken when you copy the files using the names in the instructions to insure the files Genucode and AIX Diagnostics need are in the proper directory.

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