Microcode Revision Level 77 for FRU's 93H8817, 11H7660, 11H3599, 52G3304, 65G7315 or 93H8814, 11H3600, 52G4034



Following is the instructions for updating the firmware (microcode) of the IBM RISC System/6000 SCSI-2 Differential Fast/Wide Adapter (4-6) FC 2416 or SCSI-2 Single-Ended Fast/Wide Adapter (4-7) FC 2415. The installation of this firmware level is required. The file systems created on disks connecting to the adapter will be temporarily unavailable while the firmware is being updated.

Approximate time for microcode installation:  30 minutes

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Before Updating the Adapter Firmware

Before updating the adapter firmware, you must follow the instructions below to verify whether or not you have the appropriate level of adapter hardware and firmware in your system.

1)  Issue the following command to list the MCA SCSI adapters installed in the system:

lsdev -C | grep "ascsi"

All installed SCSI adapters will be listed as available. The adapter device names will be in ascsi# format, where # is the numeric logical identification of each adapter device.

2) To check the current microcode level for the adapter enter the following command

lscfg -vl ascsi#

Note the "FRU Number" and the "Ros Level and ID" fields.  If the FRU Number matches one of those listed at the beginning of the readme and the Ros Level and ID is less than 77, the system contains the appropriate adapter hardware level and a down-level adapter firmware.  You should update the adapter firmware.

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Updating the Adapter Firmware

1) Obtain EMT file "corv77.EXE" or AIX binary file "8EFC3011.77M"  (if you already have the AIX file skip to step 3)

2) Unpack the EMT file in order to obtain the AIX binary file on diskette

3) With the machine powered on and AIX operating system successfully loaded, follow the instructions below to install the FLASH code onto your SCSI adapters.

4) Log in as root

5) Copy the AIX binary file "8EFC3011.77M" from diskette into the /etc/microcode directory

6) If the adapter controls the disk containing "rootvg" then you must flash the adapter using standalone diagnostics.... refer to step A.  Otherwise,
continue to step 7.

7) You are now ready to FLASH the EEPROM in the adapter using the single command:

diag -c -d ascsi# -T"download"

Where # is the number found from the "lsdev -C | grep ascsi" command. Repeat the above command for all the cards that need the update.

A) Reboot the machine using the standalone diagnostics CD or diskettes.

B) Select Service Aids -> Microcode Download

C) Select the adapter you update the microcode

D) Select Functional Microcode -> Download the Latest Level of Microcode -> /etc/microcode

E) You have now successfully flashed the adapter.  Repeat steps C & D for all other adapters.

If you require further instruction refer to the RS/6000 microcode download procedure.

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