35GB DLT Microcode


7247/6040 microcode description

New level description

This release of microcode for the 35GB DLT tape drive for models 7205-311 and 7337-305 is version 2150.

This version is a recommended upgrade.

In order to complete the microcode download to a 35GB DLT tape drive you will need to get the GENUCODE package from the IBM RS/6000 WEB site along with the microcode and DSDATA file in this package.

This package will get you to step where you will need to use GENUCODE to download the microcode into the tape drive.

Microcode level information:

Current Levels

 Machine Type       Current Level         Also Know As
  7205-311             2150                   V80
  7337-305             2150                   V80

To display the level of microcode in the 35GB DLT tape drive do the following AIX command:

 lscfg -vl rmt0               <--- change the drive number to reflect>
                                   the actual rmt address of the 35GB
                                   DLT tape drive.

The output of the command will look like this:


  rmt0              00-03-01-0,0      Differential SCSI DLT Tape Drive
                                      (35000 MB)

        Machine Type and Model......IBM-7205
        Device Specific.(Z1)........1734  <-- This is the microcode level>
                                              currently in the drive.

Microcode install:

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