IBM Power Subsystem Firmware Update
for use with
System Firmware Release 230 Level 156 and 158 ONLY

pSeries 9119-590
pSeries 9119-595
iSeries 9406-595
pSeries 9118-575

DATE: May 18, 2006

Table of Contents

1.0 Firmware Change History

2.0 General Information
2.0.0 Where to Obtain the Firmware
2.0.1 How to Load the Firmware

2.1 Cautions and Important Notes

1.0 Firmware Change History

Code Level Creation Date Description
October 26, 2005 GA5 Service Packs 4 & 5 (same firmware used for both Service Packs):
  • A new System Reference Code will now be reported if the firmware level on each pair of BPCs is mismatched for a time period of more than 1 hour. The purpose is to alert the user of this situation in cases where the firmware update process did not complete on both BPCs or where a BPC has been replaced but the firmware update of the new BPC was not performed.
August 12, 2005 GA5 Service Pack 3:
  • Increased the error log maximum size to prevent data from being truncated
July 29, 2005 GA5 Service Pack 2:
  • Fix for false 11008720 & 1100821 errors during run time
  • Fix for intermittent unowned I/O drawer condition after frame initialization
  • Fix for false 14001302 error during boot up
  • Fix for problem causing error message "no redundant hardware available"
  • Fix for BPC dump during Power code load operation, causing HMC to display error ACT01724
  • Fix for BPC hanging with return code 7 sent to HMC. Power code load operation fails
June 6, 2005 GA5 Service Pack 1
May 23, 2005 pSeries High Performance Switch General Availability (GA5)
February 17, 2005 pSeries 9118-575 General Availability (GA4)
December 16, 2004 GA3 Service Pack 2
December 06, 2004 GA3 Service Pack 1
November 21, 2004 pSeries 9119-590, 9119-595 and iSeries 9406-595 General Availability (GA3)

The Power Subsystem Firmware level contained in this update is:   BP230_155

The individual internal Power FRU code levels are:
Internal FRU Name Code Level
(hex) (decimal)
BPC 196 000A 10
BPC DSP A387 41863
BPR A01A 40986
CEC MDA-S 039B 923
CEC DCA-SQ E509 58633
Node DCA-SIH 0008 8
I/O DCA-BC 003B 59
I/O MDA-BC 0005 5
I/O DCA-BCS 0036 54
I/O MDA-BCS 0406 1030
HPS DCA-F 003A 58
HPS MDA-F 0394 916

2.0 General Information

This package provides updated Power Subsystem Firmware for use on the following systems only:

Do not use on any other systems. The package contains downloadable Firmware for some or all of the following power subsystem components: BPC (Bulk Power Controller), BPR (Bulk Power Regulator), DCA (Distributed Converter Assembly and MDA (Motor Drive Assembly).

2.0.0 Where to Obtain the Firmware

This firmware can be found at the following locations:

2.0.1 How to Load the Firmware

Before attempting to load this firmware please ensure that your HMC (Hardware Management Console) software has been upgraded to the appropriate version. HMC version information can be found at:

The instructions regarding how to query, obtain, install and remove firmware levels can be found on the following IBM Infocenter Page: Getting server firmware and power subsystem firmware fixes and upgrades

2.1 Cautions and Important Notes

IMPORTANT NOTE: After installing the Power Subsystem Firmware, proceed to the HMC console and rebuild the managed frame using the following procedure:
  1. From the "Navigation Area" window pane on the HMC Console:
  2. Next, from the "Server and Partition: Frame Management" window pane: