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Base 01SF220_041_041
Defect Description Conclusion Circumvention
9A77028 New firmware release New functions added N/A
Base 01SF220_041_041
Defect Description Conclusion Circumvention
MB00573 Hmc may not connect to system. Licensed Internal Code Changed None.
MB00576 System terminating with a A700xxxx error code after a reset/reload of the service processor. Removed erroneous reject of host intiated reset/reload. None.
MB00575 Increase resources in order to allow the use of more I/O adapters in a large configuration. Increase partiton resources. None.
Base 01SF220_043_043
Defect Description Conclusion Circumvention
MB00579 Dynamic memory remove from a partition fails. The code was incorrectly indicating that memory was unavailable for dynamic removal. The code has been changed to correctly
indicate when memory is available for dynamic removal.
MB00580 Concurrent replace of an IOP fails. The code was not properly deallocating hypervisor resources belonging to the I/O resource being removed from the system.
The code has been corrected.
MB00581 A logical partition exhibits time-of-day drift across a system IPL. Problem fixed in hypervisor code. None.
MB00582 Reserve Processors for Capacity On Demand are supposed to be idle until called upon for partition workloads. In some cases, all the reserved processors were put into use right away when they were not needed. The algorithm for deciding when the line of usage got far enough into the Reserve Processor capabilities was not accurate enough. None.
MB00583 A Trial CoD activation may be accepted while there are
unreturned Trial resources.
Trial activation will not be allowed while there are unreturned Trial resources of the same resource type. None.
MB00584 CoD history log entries are not being produced when Trial CoD expiration results in unreturned resources or when unreturned
Trial or On/Off resources have all been reclaimed.
CoD history log entries will be produced when Trial CoD
expiration results in unreturned resources or when unreturned
Trial or On/Off resources have all been reclaimed.
MB00585 Confirmation of a Capacity on Demand code for Trial
resources may not work correctly depending on the number of available resources for conversion to Trial resources.
The system hypervisor will be fixed to correctly
handle CoD Trial resource confirmation requests.
MB00586 After replacement of card, unreturned CoD resources were reported as unreturned Trial instead of unreturned On/Off. When CoD resources become unreturned for reasons other than Trial CoD expiration, they will be treated as unreturned On/Off
CoD resources.
MB00587 HMC displayed fields for Capacity on Demand memory amounts total to more memory than is installed in the server. Firmware is updated to correctly pass to the HMC for display the Capacity on Demand memory amounts. None.
MB00588 Entering an On/Off CoD termination code while there were unreturned On/Off CoD resources resulted in an extended error code of 0x'200A', which means that an On/Off request is active, rather than an error code of 0x'2018', which means the key failed because of unreturned resources. The failure code will be changed to indicate when a code is rejected due to unreturned resources. None.
MB00589 After activation and expiration of On/Off Processor resources, the entitled number of resources that LPAR should allow is not correct. The calcluations done after expiration of the On/Off Processor requests, as this testcase represented, were inaccurate. This inaccuracy was corrected and now the reported useable resource numbers are correctly being sent to the LPAR componentry. None.
MB00593 After a PCI bus error occurs that would require the PCI bus to be reset and recovered, about 2 seconds after the error occur, other IO error events may be received by the partition. Code has been fixed to remove the erroneous IO error events while the PCI bus is being recovered. None.
MB00594 Error log ID not the same for error entries fromt he same I/O error. Problem has been fixed so error entries due to the same error will get the same error log ID. None.
MB00595 Hardware recovery on an AIX or LINUX system does not always re-enable interrups. Leaving the devices in a non-functional state. Device recovery now restores devices to full function. None.
MB00596 Tower concurrent maintenence and DLPAR of slot holding an IOP is failing. The DLPAR and Tower concurrent maintenence operations
succeed with this fix.
MB00597 The system may become unresponsive. The Licensed Internal Code will be changed so that the
system will not become unresponsive.
MB00590 Error adding a cpu. Need to change the cache building scheme in firmware. None.
MB00591 VSCSIDisk not showing up. Changed calculation and the drives now appear. None.
MB00592 DIAG CD not IPLing in Slave CD/DVD Slot. Fixed. None.
Base 01SF220_041_041
Defect Description Conclusion Circumvention
MB00620 Error logs are being incorrectly created during firmware downloads to I/O towers. Changed the error logs to informational logs only.  N/A