Power6 Mid-Range Firmware

Applies to:  9117-MMA

This document provides information about the installation of Licensed Machine or Licensed Internal Code, which is sometimes referred to generically as microcode or firmware.


1.0 Systems Affected

This package provides firmware for System p 570 (9117-MMA)  Servers only.  Do not use on any other systems.

The firmware level in this package is:

2.0 Important Information

HMC-Managed Systems

Go to the following URL to access the HMC code packages: NOTE:   You must be logged in as hscroot in order for the firmware installation to complete correctly.

3.0 Firmware Information and Description

Use the following example as a reference to determine whether your installation will be concurrent or disruptive.

Note:  The file names and service pack levels used in the following examples are for clarification only, and are not
             necessarily levels that have been, or will be released.

System firmware file naming convention:


NOTE:  Values of service pack and last disruptive service pack  level (YYY and ZZZ) are only unique within
a release level (XXX).  For example, 01EM310_067_045 and 01EM320_067_053 are different service packs.

An installation is disruptive if:

              Example:  Currently installed release is EM310, new release is EM320                Example:  EM310_120_120 is disruptive, no matter what level of EM310  is currently
                                   installed on the system                  Example:  Currently installed service pack is EM310_120_120 and
                                     new service pack is EM310_152_130

An installation is concurrent if:

              Example: Currently installed service pack  is EM310_126_120,
                                 new service pack is EM310_143_120.

Firmware Information and Update Description

Filename Size Checksum
01EM310_048_048.rpm 19342241 34148


Impact:  New        Severity:  New
  • GA Level

4.0 How to Determine Currently Installed Firmware Levels

T You can view the server's current firmware level on the Advanced System Management Interface (ASMI) Welcome pane.  It appears in the top right corner.   Example:  SF310_048.

5.0 Downloading the Firmware Package

The firmware is located at the web site


Follow the instructions on this web page. You must read and agree to the license agreement to obtain the firmware packages.

In the drop-down box, choose the entry for your specific machine type and model.

You may download the individual .rpm and .xml files for system firmware from this location to your server, an ftp server, or a CD-ROM (both files are required).  Make sure the file names have the format 01EM3xx_yyy_zzz, with an extension of .rpm and .xml before copying them to your server, an ftp server or CD-ROM.  If using a CD-ROM, copy the .rpm and .xml files to the CD-ROM using a local CD-ROM burner utility.

Another method is to download the .iso file and create a CD-ROM to use with your HMC.

Note: If your HMC is not internet-connected you will need to download the new firmware level to a CD-ROM or ftp server.

6.0 Installing the Firmware

The method used to install new firmware will depend on the release level of firmware which is currently installed on your server. The release level can be determined by the prefix of the new firmware's filename.


Where XXX =  release level

Instructions for installing firmware updates and upgrades can be found at:


See Chapter 9. Updates, section Mangaged Systems Updates.