A b o u t   A I X   4 . 3   M a i n t e n a n c e

The latest Maintenance Levels and Recommended Maintenance can be obtained from the "Fixes" section of IBM eServer Support pages at: Fixes/Maintenance Pack AIX V4

Update CDs contain fixes for critical problems, preventive maintenance, software functional enhancements, and support for new hardware that was not originally supported in AIX 4.3.3.  Update CDs are shipped with the AIX product media.

AIX 4.3 is divided into filesets, where each fileset contains a group of logically related customer deliverable files. Each fileset
can be individually installed and updated.
Revisions to filesets are tracked using the Version, Release, Modification, and Fix (VRMF) levels. Each time a fileset update is
applied, the fix level is adjusted. Each time a maintenance level is applied, the modification level is adjusted, and the fix level
is reset to zero.

Maintenance Levels
Maintenance Levels (ML) are named using the 4 digit VRMF level.

There have been 3 ML produced for AIX 4.3:

   * ML 4310, also called AIX 4.3.1
   * ML 4320, also called AIX 4.3.2
   * ML 4330, also called AIX 4.3.3

You can determine which Maintenance Level is installed using the
oslevel command. If your AIX system is below 3.2.4, you will not have the "oslevel" command on your system.

A Maintenance Level (ML) consists of one fileset update for each fileset that has changed since the base level of AIX 4.3.  Each of
these fileset updates is cumulative, containing all fixes for that fileset since AIX 4.3 was introduced, and supersedes all previous
updates for the same fileset.

Your system's "Full Maintenance Level" is a combination of these levels:
Maintenance (also called Modification level)
Recommended Maintenance
(If there is no Recommended Maintenance installed, that part of the "Full Maintenance Level" is omitted.)

Recommended Maintenance
A Recommended Maintenance level is a set of fileset updates that apply to the last maintenance level.  Recommended maintenance
packages are made up of field tested fileset updates, and provide a mechanism for delivering preventive maintenance packages between full maintenance levels.

Recommended Maintenance levels are named using the 4 digit VRMF level of the maintenance level to which they apply, with a 2 digit suffix.There have been 10 Recommended Maintenance levels for ML 4330: upto 
The fixes provided will only upgrade either the Maintenance or Recommended Maintenance of an OS. These fixes will not take a system to a higher Version or Release.
Check at Fixes/Maintenance Pack AIX V4 for the latest. 
You can determine if the Recommended Maintenance level is installed using the following command: 
oslevel -r 4330-10
oslevel command will still indicate '', confirming that the Maintenance Level is applied.