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ROOTVG BLOG, Series P & AIX Latest News Selection
June 26 Move to new site design completed - There will be odd links to tidy up for a while, but the new site has everyting from the old with the new feature packed forum and bookmarks. ROOTVG
June 26 Create a boot-only CD/DVD - Have you ever needed to boot a system, but your CD's were missing, or broken? The following procedure might help! ROOTVG
June 25 ROOTVG Move Real Soon Now! - The pieces are ready, just need a few moments to stop the sites and move the database. Today or Tommor tomorrow this site will be renamed: http://archive.rootvg.net ROOTVG
May 21 POWER6 Announced - Our Highlights - IBM has announced POWER6 and the new Model 570 will be the first POWER6 system. Here is where we start our overview of the highlights of the long anticipated announcements. More to come! ROOTVG
May 21 The end of CSP! - IBM has announced in a Statement of Direction (SoD) that it is changing it's policy for supporting AIX - starting with the next TL (technology level) release for AIX 5.3. Existing releases are not affected. ROOTVG
May 21 Testing completed! - The tests were very useful - in that they showed what can go wrong. I like it when things go wrong while testing - feels like it was worth the effort. My apologies to anyone who tried to post and could not. I'll be watching closely - but if you think something is wrong, please post on site forums - and I'll check on it. ROOTVG
May 7 Joomla! version of Rootvg.net - and this version are Merging. After several months of testing and learning the time for testing has begun. RSN (Real Soon Now) the old and new will be merged into one site - with The Joomla! version being the default version, and the old version wrapped into it. ROOTVG
Feb 9 New Site gaining in popularity - The new forums are gaining in populatiry, google is seraching the site properly, and you are invited to make it your primary rootvg portal as we make the final steps to move it into the main URL. ROOTVG
Nov 29 Rootvg - new site development continues - There has been a lot of improvements made in organization of site materials and forums. Forum users are requested to use the new forums as much as possible. Everyone is asked to comment via new forums in discussion area. And while you are there, dont forget to chewck out the new demo about POWER5 setup - 3:30 minutes long. ROOTVG
Nov 10 New look ROOTVG - Forums are progressing - The forums are shaping up. Use the link on the left with the two arrows to use the forum directly, or use this link to open the try-out site.
Let us know what you think!
Nov 2 New look ROOTVG - Try Out - Have a look at the new site layout as it takes shape. Please register on the forums and give me some feedback. As a teaser, I have written a short article with a 2 minute windows media file - demonstrating the initialization of a p505.
Let us know what you think!
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