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Internal SCSI Tape Drives - Description of Seagate Tape Drive CD software package

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Included in the NS20 TR5 (01K1319) and TR4(SCSI) (06H9716) Tape Drives there is a shrink wrapped CD pack (05L1659) consisting of 3 CDs:

  1. Seagate Backup Solutions for IBM (Part Number 05L1661).
  2. Seagate Backup Exec for Windows NT (Part Number 05L1658 Server Solutions 8.2 for IBM, Quick Start Edition, Japanese Version)
  3. Server Solutions Windows NT * Netware*OS/2 (Part Number 05L1658, Server Solutions 8.2 for IBM, Quick Start Edition, E/F/G/S

CD labeled Server Solutions 8.2 for IBM Japanese is named 'Seagate Backup Exec' on the CD case. This CD does not contains the same software as CD labelled Server Solutions 8.2 for IBM E/F/G/S named 'Server Solutions'. The Japanese version CD is only for Windows NT, the E/F/G/S labeled CD is for Windows NT, Netware and OS/2. This software is also ęQuick Start EditionĘ If the customer needs to the full version or Enterprise version they will need to contact Seagate to purchase the upgrade.

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