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10/20GB NS Internal SCSI Tape Drive - Server Solution installation instructions for Windows NT4.0.

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To install tape device driver files:

  1. Select "Control Panel" from the "Settings" menu.
  2. Double click on the "Tape Devices" icon. Choose the "Drivers" tab.
  3. Make a note of the type of drivers currently installed. For each of the tape drivers you want to update, sequentially select each driver and click "Remove" to remove the driver from list. If you are initially adding new drivers, please skip this step.
  4. Select "Add..." from the "Drivers" tab.
  5. Select the "Have Disk..." button.
  6. Enter the drive/path to the directory where the desired "oemsetup.inf" file is stored on disk.
  7. Select "OK" in the "Install From Disk" window.
  8. Select one of the options in the "Choose the driver you want to install, and then click OK." list in the "Install Driver"
    window; i.e., select the description of the set of tape drives that you want load a device driver for." The driver we have chosen are ==>> SEAGATE TRSCSI (MINI DATA CARTRIGE SCSI DRIVE) as the drive we are using is a STT28000N/38000N-C; STT220000N/320000N-C; TR5 STT20000N so the driver that is been used should be : CDROM:\WINNT\DRIVERS\i386\TRSCSI.SYS "
  9. Select "OK" in the "Install Driver" window.
  10. If the option appears, then select "New" in the "Windows NT Setup" dialog; then enter the same drive/path to the
    floppy disk that was entered in step #6 above. IMPORTANT: always select "New" if it appears -- do NOT select "Current"
  11. If you wish to install other tape device drivers, select "No" in the "System Settings Change - Do you want to restart your
    computer now?" window and repeat steps 4 to 10. After all the needed device drivers have been installed, select "Yes" in this window to shutdown and restart Windows NT. This will activate the changes made.

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