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10/20GB NS Internal SCSI Tape Drive - Product Overview

Applicable to: World-Wide

General Information
Back up your business's mission critical data with tape drives backed by IBM. Incorporating the latest generation of Travan technology, this tape drive is an excellent choice for customers who have invested in Travan technology. It provides a cost-efficient, high reliable device for entry to mainstream server systems. Features include:

Warranty: 3 year limited Customer Carry-In Exchange

This product replaces:

This product was replaced by:

One box containing...

Marketing and FRU Part Numbers
World Wide...
Marketing part number -> 01K1319
FRU part number -> 10L6061

Additional Part Numbers
Part number(s) for ordering multiple quantities:

Associated FRU Part Number(s):

Product Dates
World Wide...
Announce Date-> 4/15/1998
Planned Availability Date-> 6/12/1998
Withdrawal Date-> Not Applicable
Effective Withdrawal Date-> Not Applicable

Technical Specifications
Performance Specifications as known at time of announcement:
Interface type: SCSI

Supported Media formats: Traven

Supported Media: NS20 (TR5)

Physical, Environmental, and Compatibility Specifications as known at time of announcement:
Weight: * lbs (* kg)
Height: * inches (25.4 mm)
Width: * inches (101.6 mm)
Depth: * inches (157.5 mm)

Operating Temperature:

Relative Operating Humidity: low of 20% to a high of 80%

Agency Approvals:

ENERGY STAR-Compliant: *. The ENERGY STAR emblem does not represent EPA endorsement of any product or service.

Hardware Requirements for IBM systems:

Hardware Requirements for Non-IBM systems:
The 10/20GB NS Tape Drive is a basic SCSI device that should work in any industry standard PC Server or desktop system with an available 3.5"; 1" or 5.25" HH bay; and a supported SCSI Host adapter. However; IBM has qualified the 10/20GB NS Tape Drive for only the IBM systems.

Supported Operating Systems:

Compatibility: Cable may be required only if used with a separate SCSI controller.

Limitations: Some configurations may not be supported.

Supported Software:

Other: None

Document Note(s):

  1. The symbol * is used to denote that the information is currently unavailable for this product.
  2. All dates are represented in the US English format of mm/dd/yyyy (where mm=month, dd=day, yyyy=year).
  3. FRU stands for Field Replacement Unit. It is the part number used for ordering service/replacement parts.
  4. Effective Withdrawal means that on the given date IBM will have withdrawn the products from marketing. After that date, the product can not be obtained directly from IBM.

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