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TP 365CD/ED/XD - Clarification of correct FRU numbers for external FDD/

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Several factors are causing confusion on the proper FRU numbers to use when order replacement FDD/Cables for the applicable 365 CD/ED/XD series machines. Note: Only CD-ROM equipped ThinkPad 365 systems have an external floppy cable.

The 365CD/ED systems ship with an external Floppy Disk Drive that has a non-detachable cable. The Hardware Maintenance Manual correctly lists the FRU number for the FDD/Cable assembly as 75H7572. The confusion is arising from the fact that a number of these assemblies have been incorrectly labeled as PN 41H8228, FRU 41H7445. New labels have been sent to Mechanicsburg to relabel these assemblies.

Place the order using the Part numbers in the Hardware Maintenance Manual (e.g. 75H7572) and you will get the correct part.

For reference, the 365XD models ship with an external FDD that has a separate cable. The cable FRU is 74H0219, and the FDD FRU is 10H4056. Both of these parts are labeled correctly with the proper FRU numbers.

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