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Home Director Professional - Channel displays "Power Down Complete" message

Applicable to: Canada, United States

After Initialization, the Home Director Channel (TV Client) displays a message that indicates that "Power down is complete" and the user or Integrator cannot progress further until this condition is fixed. The situation is caused because the UPS cable (COM1), connecting the Dedicated processor and the UPS, is:

When installing the UPS, 2 cables are provided. The installation instructions indicate that the black UPS cable should be discarded and the gray UPS cable should be used. The manufacturer of the UPS (and the cables) furnish the two cables because the UPS is used for multiple applications. The black cable would be for systems that use Windows NT and the gray cable is for Windows 95 and Windows 98. Since Windows 95 and Windows 98 are used on the Home Director Professional system the gray UPS cable must be used.

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