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SelectADock III - Product Overview

Applicable to: Canada, United States

Announcement Letter Number: PCC 97-392
Announce Date: 09/08/97


You now have the opportunity to expand your ThinkPad into a versatile "desktop" role. SelectaDock III supports ThinkPad 770 and 765 systems and selected 760 models.

Features and Benefits

o Available for the ThinkPad 770

- Wake on LAN(1)
- PC 97 compliance
- Two Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports
- UltraBay II

o Available for the ThinkPad 770, 765, and selected 760 models

- Headphone, audio (line) in, speaker in, MIDI/joystick, SCSI-3 ports
- UltraBay I and industry standard devices
- Two full PCI/ISA shared slots
- One half PCI dedicated slot
- Two Type II or one Type III PC CardBus slot
- Docking Guide, assistance knobs, fail-safe eject key
- Security (SelectaDock III, notebook, and resources)
- Plug and Play (dynamic reconfiguration and hot/warm docking)

(1) The Wake on LAN feature requires a WOL-enabled network card available optionally from IBM.


The IBM SelectaDock III is the latest addition to the IBM SelectaDock family. This modular expansion unit supports the new ThinkPad(R) 770 notebook as well as previously announced ThinkPad 765 models and selected models of the ThinkPad 760 systems.

When combined with the IBM SelectaBase 770 or SelectaDock Base Model I port replicator, the SelectaDock III system adds desktop function to the ThinkPad 770, 765, and selected models of the 760. SelectaDock III builds upon the cable management and security features provided by SelectaDock Base Model I and SelectaBase 770.

IBM SelectaDock III continues to support existing UltraBay(TM) and industry standard storage devices, two shared PCI/ISA slots, and one dedicated PCI slot. You can also take advantage of new SelectaDock III functions, such as PC 97 compliance, universal serial bus (USB) support, Wake on LAN(TM) (WOL) support, Ultrabay(TM) II compatible storage options for CD-ROMs, FDDs and HDDs, and SCSI-3. The new Wake on LAN feature of the ThinkPad 770 and SelectaDock III makes it easier to manage your ThinkPad 770 network clients, and can result in a lower total cost of ownership.

IBM SelectaDock III supports the existing UltraBay devices for ThinkPads 760 and 765 with the optional ThinkPad 760 UltraBay Options Tray for SelectaDock III.

For ThinkPad 760, 765, or ThinkPad 770 systems, you can start with the SelectaDock Base Model I for the ThinkPad 760 and 765, or SelectaBase 770 for the ThinkPad 770. As your computing requirements increase in complexity, you have the option to expand by adding SelectaDock III, which attaches to SelectaDock Base Model I or SelectaBase 770.

The addition of SelectaDock III to the SelectaDock family provides ThinkPad customers with outstanding investment protection and flexibility, plus support for the latest technologies.


The IBM SelectaDock III System will appeal to ThinkPad 770 and ThinkPad 760 and 765 customers who desire full-function, desktop capability or want to utilize their existing desktop components, plus benefit from convenient portability.


IBM SelectaDock III requires one of the following, depending on the ThinkPad system:

o IBM SelectaBase 770 for ThinkPad 770

o IBM SelectaDock Base Model I for ThinkPad 765 systems and selected 760

Planned Availability Date

October 17, 1997
Description Number

IBM SelectaDock III 3547003


The following matrix illustrates the supported ThinkPad computers and the various combinations for the SelectaDock bases and SelectaDocks.

| |ThinkPad | | |
| |760E/760ED | | |
| SelectaDock System |760EL/760ELD|ThinkPad |ThinkPad|
| Combination |760XD/760XL |765D/765L| 770 |
| | | | | |
|SelectaDock|SelectaBase| No | No | Yes |
| III | 770 | | | |
| |-----------*------------*---------*--------|
| |SelectaDock| | | |
| | Base | Yes | Yes | No |
| | Model 1 | | | |
|Note: |
| The SelectaBase 770 and the SelectaDock Base Model I |
| are port replicators. Either provides you the full |
| docking system functions with this SelectaDock III. |
| The SelectaDock III system needs one of these |
| SelectaBases. Which is required depends on the model|
| of your ThinkPad computer. |

The functions provided by each component are as follows.

| Component | SelectaDock |SelectaBase| SelectaDock |
| Function | Base Model I | 770 | III |
| Port Replication | | | |
| (signal pass thru) | | | |
| -- Serial | x | x | |
| -- Parallel | x | x | |
| -- Monitor | x | x | |
| -- Keyboard | x | x | |
| -- Mouse | x | x | |
| -- FDD | x | x | |
| -- Speaker In | | | x |
| -- (Audio)Line Out | x | x | |
| -- Headphone | | | x |
| -- Game | | | x |
| -- Universal Serial| | One | Two |
| Bus (USB) | | | |
| | | | |
| PC97 Compliance | | | x |
| Plug'n'Play Ready | | | x |
| Notebook Security | x | x | x |
| Docking Security | x | x | x |
| ISA Docking | x | | |

| PCI Docking | x | x | x |
| Positive | | | |
| Dock Indicator | | | x |
| Fail-Safe | | | |
| Dock/Undock | | | x |
| Hot/Warm | | | |
| Docking/Undocking | x | x | x |
| Stereo Speakers | | | x |
| Optional CRT Stand | x | x | x |
| UltraBay I* | | | x |
| UltraBay II | | | x |
| (1 front loading) | | | |
| Half High Bay | | |EIDE/SCSI-2 |
| ISA/PCI slots | | |2 Full Shared|
| | | |1 PCI, Half |
| PC Card Slots | | | Two |
| SCSI-3 | | | x |
| ThinkPad | | | |
| Dockable ISA | x | | |
| Dockable PCI | x | x | x |
| * Requires IBM ThinkPad 760 UltraBay Options Tray for |
| SelectaDock III (11J8839) or IBM ThinkPad 770 |
| Hard Disk Drive Adapter (11J8836) -- HDD only |

The IBM ThinkPad SelectaDock III system allows you to expand the functions of the new IBM ThinkPad 770 notebook as well as the previously announced ThinkPad 765 and selected models of ThinkPad 760 systems.

To provide cable management and security:

o The SelectaBase 770 Port Replicator (83H6735) can be used stand-alone with The ThinkPad 770.

o The SelectaDock Base Model I (39H7405) can be used stand-alone with the
ThinkPad 760 and 765 systems.

The SelectaBase 770 or SelectaDock Base Model I is a prerequisite for the
SelectaDock III (3547003).


Product Positioning

The IBM SelectaDock III is a modular expansion unit that "teams" with the prerequisite SelectaBase 770 or SelectaDock Base Model I to provide desktop function and expansion and to the ThinkPad 770, 765, and selected models of the ThinkPad 760 systems.

The SelectaDock family of docking solutions utilizes a modular design to provide you with the ultimate in expansion flexibility. Desktop capability can be provided without sacrificing portability. In addition, the SelectaDock III

lets you take advantage of advanced options and features normally only available to desktop users.

Marketing Strategy

Docking Station Market Requirements: Docking stations and convenience bases (port replicators) represent a critical piece of fulfilling the customer requirements for enhanced systems. Specifically, sophisticated users within the enhanced segment are unwilling to make trade-offs when moving from a desktop to a notebook PC. Likewise, corporate decision makers appreciate the promise of investment protection and expandability, that various docking alternatives provide. By providing comprehensive docking solutions that include industry standard slots and bays, as well as additional slots and bays that leverage the devices found in the notebook (such as, PC Cards and UltraBay(TM) devices), the promise of no-compromise functionality is delivered. For those users and accounts that do not have an immediate need for full, desktop-equivalent docking solutions, convenience bases provide an acceptable alternative at much lower prices and provide simple connection to peripheral devices and networks while at the desktop.

IBM System Care(TM): These products are available though IBM System Care that integrates technology, services, and financing to help you enhance your total benefit of ownership of IBM PC Co. products.

For a complete solution, contact your IBM Business Partner(TM), a single point of contact. or call 800-IBM-7255 (426-7255) extension 5159 to locate a Business Partner in your area. Additional information for IBM System Care will be available on the WWW at URL:


Supported Options

ThinkPad 770 UltraBay(TM) II Options

o ThinkPad 770 5.1GB Hard Disk Drive (11J8947)
o ThinkPad 770 8X-20X CD-ROM Drive (11J8933)
o ThinkPad 770 DVD CD-ROM Drive (11J8950)
o ThinkPad 770 2nd Hard Disk Drive Adapter (11J8836)

ThinkPad 760 UltraBay Options(1)

o 810MB HDD (29H9313)
o 1.08MB HDD (29H9319)
o 1.2GB HDD (29H9325)
o 1.4GB HDD (69H8412)
o 2.1GB HDD (69H8414)
o 3.0GB HDD (45H8789)
o 5.1GB HDD (00K7902)
o 6X CD-ROM (85G1957)
o 8X CD-ROM (45H8786)
o 8X-20X CD-ROM (00K7903)

(1) Requires ThinkPad 760 UltraBay Options Tray for SelectaDock III (11J8839)
or ThinkPad 770 Hard Disk Drive Adapter (11J8836) -- HDD only

Other Options

o ThinkPad 760 UltraBay Options Tray for SelectaDock III (11J8839)
o CRT Stand 2 (39H7436)
o IBM Auto Wake Token-Ring ISA Adapter (55H6760)
o IBM 10/100 EtherJet PCI Adapter with Wake on LAN (85H9921)
o IBM PCI Wake on LAN Token-Ring Adapter (86H1880)

Technical Information

Physical Specifications

o Approximate height (front): 85.5 mm (3.4 in)
o Approximate height (rear): 139.7 mm (5.5 in)
o Approximate width: 393.3 mm (15.5 in)
o Approximate depth: 418.5 mm (16.5 in)
o Approximate weight: 7.3 kg (16.1 lb)

Operating Environment

IBM SelectaDock III and Base

o Operating Environment

- Temperature: 5(degs) to 35(degs)C (41(degs) to 95(degs)F)
- Relative humidity: 8% to 95% (non-condensing)
- Maximum wet bulb: 29.4(degs)C (85(degs)F)

o Non-operating Environment

- Temperature: 5(degs) to 43(degs)C (41(degs) to 109(degs)F)
- Relative humidity: 8% to 95% (non-condensing)
- Maximum wet bulb: 29.4(degs)C (85(degs)F)

o Storage Environment

- Temperature: -20(degs) to 60(degs)C (-4(degs) to 140(degs)F)
- Relative humidity: 5% to 95% (non-condensing)
- Maximum wet bulb: 29.4(degs)C (85(degs)F)

o Maximum altitude: 2,435 m (8,000 ft) non-pressurized

o Heat Output

- Base configuration: 181 Btu/hr*
- Maximum configuration: 358 Btu/hr

o Electrostatic discharge: C-S 2-0001-005 Class 2

o Universal power supply: 100-240 V AC, 50/60Hz

o Acoustic noise level: Class 3D (office environment)

o Sound Pressure Level

- Operating: 40 dB

o Sound Power

- Operating: 5.1 Bels
- Idling: 4.8 Bels

* British thermal units per hour

Agency Approvals

o Electromagnetic compatibility: FCC Class-B Certified to comply with FCC
Rules, Part 15
o FCC ID number: ANO11J8840
o Agency approvals: UL, CSA (C-UL), FCC, VCCI, NOM

Hardware Requirements -- IBM Systems: The IBM SelectaDock III is supported on the following IBM platforms:

o ThinkPad 770 (with IBM SelectaBase 770)
o ThinkPads 760E, 760ED, 760EL, 760ELD, 760XD, 760XL, 765D, and 765L (with IBM
SelectaDock Base Model I)

External Interfaces

SCSI port SCSI-3 50-pin, high density
Game port D-sub 15-pin female
Line-out Stereo mini jack 3.5 mm
Speaker-in Stereo mini jack 3.5 mm
Headphone Stereo mini jack 3.5 mm
PCMCIA slots Accept two type I or Type II PC cards, or one Type III card
PCI/ISA shared slots Three 32-bit PCI BUS connectors;
two 16-bit ISA BUS connectors


o When using a ThinkPad 770 and SelectaBase 770 attached to a SelectaDock I or II, the system AC adapter must be connected to the SelectaBase 770.

o The SelectaDock III USB ports are not supported by the version of Windows 95 preinstalled on the ThinkPad 760 and 765 systems.

o When using the ThinkPad 770 with SelectaDock III, you should not disable the USB ports in SelectaDock III. Doing so may cause the system to hang when you attempt to warm-dock the system to the SelectaDock III. You can recover from this by doing a cold-boot of the system.

o The 32-bit CardBus feature of SelectaDock III is not supported for ThinkPad 760 and 765 systems. PCMCIA Release 2.1 cards are supported for these systems.

o When using the SCSI storage device (CD drive or HDD drive) with the secondary IDE or third IDE device, the SCSI drive will not appear after Re-Hot docking.

Cold boot => Hot undock => Hot docking

This is a Windows 95 restriction. To avoid this, it is required to fix the drive letters of the SCSI device by setting "Reserved Drive Letters" in the device manager.

- Cold boot

- Open device manager

- Double click "Disk Drives" ICON

- Double click Drive ICON

- Click "Setting" Tab in Drive Property Window

- Set the drive letter in "Reserved Drive Letters" box. If the "Reserved Drive Letters" area grayed out, click "Removable" check box and reboot. After this, follow same sequence of actions again starting with open device manager.

o A PCI Video Adapter Card and PCI Network Adapter Card cannot be used at the same time in the SelectaDock III.

o When the system is resumed from Standby Mode, Hot-Plug/Unplug of PCMCIA Release 2.1 Network Cards in the SelectaDock III PC Card Slots is not supported.

o When docked to ThinkPad 770, SelectaDock III does not support hot/warm docking in DOS and Windows 3.1.

o Even though the SelectaDock III system can support either external or internal diskette drives, you can use only one at a time.

o The SelectaDock III system does not support the REFRESH signal for an ISA BUS when the computer is attached. Therefore, the following ISA adapter cards are not supported:

- IBM-Multi Port Card (00F5529)

- IBM-Multi Port 2 Card (33F8791)
- DRAM memory cards
- ISA cards that use the REFRESH signal to detect whether the BUS is working
- ISA cards that use the REFRESH signal as a clock counter

o Suspend and resume functions

- Not supported when you dock the ThinkPad 760 or 765 in the SelectaDock III system.

- If you are using DOS or Windows 3.1, the suspend and resume functions are not supported if an ASPI8IBM.SYS (SCSI) driver is loaded.

- If you are using Windows 95, the suspend and resume functions are not supported when an AIC-7860 (SCSI) driver is loaded by Windows 95 and if it is enabled by the device manager (when the checkbox is selected).

- The suspend and resume functions are not supported if an adapter card or PC card is installed in a card slot in the SelectaDock III.

o When the I/O resources X'330' to X'333' are allocated to an adapter card installed in the SelectaDock system with the ThinkPad 760EL and 760L docked, you must disable the ESS function (audio) by using the ThinkPad Configuration program.

o For other limitations that may affect SelectaDock III, refer to Hardware Announcements PCC 97-393, and PCC 97-394, dated September 8, 1997.

Planning Information

Cable Orders Required: No

Approximate Installation Time: 30 minutes

Packaging: One box each

Shipment Group

o IBM SelectaDock Base Model 1 (39H7405)
o IBM SelectaBase 770 (83H6735)
o IBM SelectaDock III (3547003)


o IBM SelectaDock Base Model I Setup Guide* (69H8253)
o IBM SelectaBase 770 User's Guide** (83H6163)
o IBM SelectaDock III User's Guide (97H5127)
o Hardware Maintenance Manual Vol 4: ThinkPad Computers (05L1271)

* Previously announced and priced
** Announced and priced separately

Security, Auditability, and Control

These products use the security and auditability features of the system to which it is attached.

Ordering Information

Ordering Alternatives: For information on ordering via PartnerLink(TM), call 800-426-7272, Option 8. For further details, contact the IBM Remarketer Fulfilment Center at 800-426-9735, or contact your local marketing support representative.

Terms and Conditions

For specific details and explanation of the Remarketer Terms and Conditions, refer to the IBM Business Partner Agreement -- Dealer Exhibit (Z125-4097).

Service Type CCR
International Warranty Service Yes
Warranty Reimbursement Yes
Return Policy Code 8
Price Protect Code 8
Remarketer Reporting Yes
Inventory Adjustment Yes
Licensed Programs No

Note: IBM programs are licensed under the terms and conditions of the IBM License Agreements that ship with the system. Non-IBM programs are available from IBM as distributed by the program supplier.

Help and Service Information -- Features and Options

During the warranty period, toll-free technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, excluding certain holidays to answer any questions about your new IBM option. Response times may vary. If you need warranty service, return or exchange is available. Additionally, if your IBM option is installed in an IBM computer, you may be entitled to service at your location. Your technical support representative can help you determine the best alternative.

Help and Service Information -- Machine Type

To make your computing experience more productive and enjoyable HelpWare(R) is a comprehensive set of offerings designed to provide you with a full range of service and support options. As part of IBM's commitment to provide the support you demand, many HelpWare services are complimentary during the warranty period of your IBM Personal Computer. Additional services are available for purchase from the HelpWare Support Family.


Description Number H S

Base Model I Unit 39H7416 S 3
Power Supply Unit 11J8827 S 3

Base Cover Set 11J8828 S 1
Upper Cover Set 11J8829 S 4
Rear Cover Set 12J2493 S 2
Riser Card 11J8831 S 2
Main Card 11J8832 S 2
Audio Card Set 12J2494 S 2
DC/DC Card Set 12J2495 S 4
USB Card Set 12J2496 S -
Speaker Set 39H7446 S 2
Miscellaneous Kit 39H7447 S 1
Connector Cover 12J2497 S 4
Cable Set 11J8833 S 1
New UltraBay Tray 11J8834 S 1
Half Height Bay Tray 82H6729 S 1

H = Handling -- Parts marked "R" must be returned for warranty reimbursement. An "S" in this column indicates the part should be scrapped.

S = Recommended Parts Stocking -- An entry in this column indicates the recommended stocking quantity to support 1,000 units.


(TM) Trademark of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States or other countries or both.
(R) Registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States or other countries or both. Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
Other trademarks and registered trademarks are the properties of their
respective owners.

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