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IBM PS/2 (Type 8573-P75) - FRU Listing

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Service Information:
Parts Listing (P75)

System (P75, All Serial Numbers)

Index: FRU P/N:
1. See DASD
Bracket, Bus Interface 6279235
2. Plasma Display Adapter 78F9897
3. Processor Card, (80486 33MHz) 64F8789
Screw-kit 64F9989
4. Bus Interface, 4-slot 64F9977
Bus Interface Cable 78F9893
Cable Set, Ground 64F9990
Cable, Plasma-Display Power
(with cable tie) 64F9973
Cable, Plasma-Display Signal
(with cable tie) 64F9974
5. Cover, Rear 64F9984
Security Key/Lock 64F9991
Display Tilt 56F9100
6. Power Assembly 64F8798
7. 2MB Memory Module Kit (70ns) 92F0102
4MB Memory Module Kit (70ns) 92F0105
4MB Parity Memory-Module Kit (70ns) 79F3234
8. Battery 64F9987
9. Holder, without Speaker/Battery 64F9986
10. System Board (161, 401, 33Mhz) 78F9896
11. LED Assembly 65X1569
Name Plate, System Unit 64F9988
Name Plate, Keyboard 65X1549
Connector, Plasma Display 56F9102
Cover, Connector 64F9978

12. Cover, Main (Model 161)
S/N 99xxxxx 64F9980
S/N 23xxxxx 64F9981

Cover, Main (Model 401)
S/N 99xxxxx 64F9982
S/N 23xxxxx 64F9983

13. Plasma Display Assembly 64F9985
14. Cover, Diskette Drive 56F9088
Bracket, Fixed Disk Drive 64F9979
16. Catch, Diskette Drive 23F2742
17. Speaker 78F9921
Tilt Assembly, Diskette Drive 56F9097
Shipping Carton Box
S/N 99xxxxx 64F9996
S/N 23xxxxx 64F9997

DASD (P75 486):

Index: FRU P/N:

1. 160MB SCSI Fixed Disk 56F8851
SCSI ID Switch for 160MB 79F3218
400MB SCSI Fixed Disk 85F0012
SCSI ID Switch for 400MB 79F3219
Cable, Fixed-Disk Power 64F9971
Cable, Fixed-Disk Signal 64F9976

15. 3.5-Inch Diskette Drive 38F5936
3.5-Inch Diskette Drive
(with 4MB Sensor) 38F5936

Options and Adapters (P75 486):


300/1200 Modem Adapter/A 34F0006
300/1200/2400 Modem Adapter/A 65X1253
Communications Cable (for 65X1253) 94X1540
36/38 Emulation Adapter 69X6294
5.25-inch Drive Adapter/A (360KB/1.2MB) 15F7996
6157 Tape Adapter 37F6718
Diskette Drive Bus Adapter 72X8524
External Diskette Drive Adapter 72X6757
FaxConcentrator Adapter/A 94X2540
FaxConcentrator Adapter/A Cable 94X2527
High Speed Communications Coprocessor 04G5827
Internal Tape Backup Unit 87F9787
Formatted Blank Tape (for 87F9787) 30F5277
Leased Line Modem 26F0724
Multiprotocol Adapter/A 96F9156
Realtime Interface Coprocessor 6-Port V.35 72F0164
Realtime Interface Coprocessor Multiport/2 09F1888
4-port RS232-C Elec Intfc Brd (for 09F1888) 09F1957
8-port RS232-C Elec Intfc Brd (for 91F1888) 91F7974
Multiport Interface Cable (for 09F188) 00F5524
512KB Memory Module Pkg (for 09F1888) 16F2267
S/370 Channel Emulator Adapter/A 06F3160
Screen Reader Keypad 1393515
Screen Reader Keypad Cable 72X8537
SCSI Adapter/A (with Cache) 85F0063
Terminator, External (for 85F0063) 33F8464
Terminator, Internal (for 85F0063) 92F0057
SCSI Adapter/A (without Cache) 85F0002
SCSI Cable (internal) 64F4127
SCSI Fast Adapter (16 Bit AT) 92F0330
SCSI External Cable (for 92F0330) 32G4089
SCSI Internal Cable (for 92F0330) 37G0084
Tape Cover Plate 87F9767
Terminator, Inline (space permitting) 92F0142
Token-Ring 16/4 Adapter/A 93F0331
Token-Ring Adapter/A 25F7540
RPL Module (for 25F7540) 83X9180
X.25 Interface Coprocessor 44F7123

Keyboard and Mouse (P75 486):


Belgian 65X1598
Canadian French 65F0000
Danish 65X1601
Dutch 65X1602
French 65X1603
German 65X1604
Italian 65X1605
Latin Spanish 65X1606
Norwegian 65X1607
Portuguese 65X1608
Spanish 65X1609
Swedish 65X1610
Swiss/French/German 65X1611
U.K. English 65X1612
U.S. English 65X1537
Turkish 65X1613
Greek 65X1614
Hebrew 65X1615
Arabic 65X1616
Keyboard Cable 64F9998
Mouse 61X8923

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