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Home Director Professional - How does a Certified Integrator get parts?

Applicable to: Canada, United States

Certified Integrators should contact the IBM National Parts Center at 1-800-388-7080 to purchase their initial stock of Field Replaceable Units (FRUs) and any additional spare FRU parts that they feel are required for their service territory.

Based on the customer set that they support, the Integrator may determine what parts and what quantity should be stored on their truck or at their office. IBM has recommended during the Certification class, which parts should be stored on their truck and which parts, like the Dedicated Processor and UPS should be stored at the office.

Once an Integrator has replaced a part at a Customer's home, an E-Claim can be processed by the Integrator using the established and approved process. The FRU part will be replaced when the E-Claim is properly processed.

Integrators must keep a sufficient quantity of FRUs in stock to allow the normal E-Claim process sufficient time to replace their inventory. Expedited processes are available, but at a cost to the Integrator.

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