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TP 770 - Game port conversion cable PN in HMM is not required

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The FRU part number 29G9269 indicated in the 770 HMM for the Conversion (Game Port for 770) is incorrect and not required. The HMM this is found in is the IBM Mobile Systems S10L-9261-00 PN 10L9621 April 1998 page 117 (OPTIONS).

The correct FRU PN is 29H9269 and is ONLY used on the TP760xx.

Please strike out this part number for this machine type as described above in your HMM document. The FRU Part Number will be removed in the next release of the Hardware Maintenance Manual IBM Mobile Systems S10L-9261-00.

There is no game port on the TP 770 and to use a game port you need to use the SelectaDock/Select-A-Base (3547-00x / FRU# 11J8822 The SelectaDock and SelectaBase use a full-sized port connector and the conversion cable is not required.

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