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Ispirati 100/200/300 - Re-installing the original software

Applicable to: Canada

How do I reload the original software on my Ispirati models 1150, 1166, 1180 and 12XX?

Follow the steps below.

If you follow the steps below, you will lose all your data and program files. The hard drive will no longer contain any personal information. If you have important files you wish to keep, please save them before going any further.

For this operation you will need:

The Windows 95 Ispirati start-up disk
The Windows 95 CD ROM
The Windows 95 Certificate of Authenticity (found on the cover of the Windows 95 manual)
The Driver and Utility disk

Step 1: FDISK and format of the hard drive.

  1. Insert the Windows 95 start-up disk and then start the computer.
  2. When at the A:\ prompt, type edit autoexec.bat and press Enter
  3. Make sure that you have the line: A:\DOS-ENV\MSCDEX /D:MSCD001 /M:12 /L:D If your line does not match this line, please make any changes so that they are identical.
  4. When done press and hold the Alt key then press the F key on the keyboard
  5. From the menu highlight Exit and press Enter
  6. Press Enter again
  7. The file will be saved to the Start-up disk
  8. At the A:\ prompt, insert the Windows 95 CD and then restart the computer
  9. This should again take you to the A:\ prompt
  10. Type the word FDISK and press Enter
  11. Choose option 3 and press Enter
  12. Choose option 1, then press Enter
  13. When you see the warning just press the Enter key
  14. It will then ask you for the Volume Label. The Volume Label is the word listed beneath the column "Volume Label". If there is nothing shown beneath this title, then you can use the Enter key for the Volume Label.
  15. Type in the Volume Label listed above and then press Enter
  16. When it asks you if you are sure, press Y and then press Enter
  17. Press the Escape key (Esc) to continue
  18. Choose option 1 and press Enter
  19. From the second menu choose option 1 and then press Enter
  20. When it asks you if you wish to use the maximum available space answer YES and press Enter
  21. Restart the computer. At the A:\> prompt type format c: and press Enter
  22. When asked for a volume label just press Enter
  23. You are now ready to install Windows 95

Step 2: Installing Windows 95.

  1. At the A:\> prompt type D: and press Enter
  2. At the D:\> prompt type SETUP and press Enter
  3. Then press the Enter key to continue
  4. At this point the mouse will work, you can then click on Continue
  5. Click on YES to accept the software agreement
  6. Click on NEXT to start collecting information about the hardware installed in your computer
  7. Click on NEXT to install Windows 95 into the default directory
  8. Click on NEXT for a typical installation
  9. Enter the software registration number found on the cover page of your Windows 95 guide
  10. Then click on NEXT
  11. Enter your name and company (company optional), then click on NEXT
  12. Click on NEXT, windows will then analyze your computer for the installed options
  13. Click on NEXT to install the most common components
  14. Click on NO I DO NOT WANT A START-UP DISK, then click on NEXT
  15. Click on NEXT to start copying the files to your hard drive
  16. Remove the start-up disk from the A:\ drive
  17. Click on FINISH to restart the computer
  18. Click on OK when prompted to insert the Windows 95 CD
  19. When you see the error with the filename of MSJSTICK, click on SKIP files. Click on SKIP files one more time when it doesn't detect the Vjoyd.vxd file on the Windows 95 CD.
  20. Click on the down arrow in the date and time properties to select the appropriate time zone.
  21. Click on CLOSE, then click on NEXT.
  22. Click on CANCEL in the ADD PRINTER WIZARD.You will install your printer with the specific disks it came with.
  23. Click on OK to restart the computer
  24. You have now successfully installed Windows 95 on your Ispirati computer.

Step 3: Installing the sound card.

  1. Click on Start, Settings, Control Panel
  2. Double click on the System icon. Then click on the Device Manager tab
  3. Double click on the Other Devices option and highlight the first device under that option
  4. Click on Remove. Repeat this until you no longer see Other Devices
  5. Double click on Sound, Video and Game Controllers
  6. Highlight the first item under that option and click on Remove
  7. Repeat until you no longer see Sound, Video and Game Controllers
  8. Insert the Driver and Utility disk
  9. Click on Refresh
  10. Click on Next
  11. Click on Other Locations, then click on Browse
  12. Double click on Floppy A:
  13. Click on the right to highlight Audio
  14. Click on OK, then click on OK again
  15. Click on Finish
  16. When you see the message that the cspman.dll cannot be found on the Windows 95 CD, insert the Windows 95 CD in the CD-ROM drive and then at "COPY FILES FROM", enter X:\Win95 where X is your CD-ROM drive letter.
  17. Windows will then copy the files for the sound card.
  18. When it has finished, click on CLOSE.

Step 4: Installing the modem.

  1. Open the Control Panel and double click on Modems
  2. Click on Next
  3. When Windows finds the modem, click on Change
  4. Click on Have Disk
  5. Click on Browse
  6. On the right side, double click on Modem
  7. Click on OK
  8. You will then see A:\MODEM. Click on OK
  9. Windows will the copy the files for the modem
  10. Click on OK
  11. Click on Next
  12. Enter your area code
  13. Click on Next
  14. Click on Finish
  15. Click on OK

Step 5: Installing the Video Adapter.:

  1. Open the Control Panel and double click on Display
  2. Click on the Settings tab
  3. Click on Advanced Properties
  4. Click on Change
  5. Click on Have Disk
  6. Click on Browse
  7. On the right side double click on VGA
  8. Click on OK, then click on OK again, and click OK a third time
  9. Windows will then copy the files for the video adapter
  10. Click on Apply
  11. Click on OK
  12. Click on Apply
  13. Remove the driver disk
  14. Click on YES to restart the system and you are done

If you have any trouble with some of the steps, please call the AMBRA technical support line at 1-800-565-3344 for further

  1. assistance.

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