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Aptiva - Installing the 8514/A display driver in Windows 95

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There are no obvious 8514/A display drivers built into Windows 95, but they are found on the install CD-ROM. (This will only work with the CD-ROM Windows 95 upgrade, not diskettes). The Windows 95 Upgrade CD or the Windows 95 Companion CD must be in the CD-ROM drive while following the procedure below.

1. START, Settings, Control Panel, Display icon.
2. Settings tab, 'Change Display Type' button.
3. Click 'Change' button beside 'Adapter Type' display.
4. Click 'Have Disk' button.
5. Click 'Browse', and select CDROM drive (usually E:) from 'Drives'.
6. Double-click 'Drivers' Folder.
7. Double-click 'Display' Folder.
8. Double-click '8514' Folder.
9. Select '8514.inf'. Click ok, ok, all the way back, until prompted to reboot.
10. Allow Windows 95 to reboot, and you are done.

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