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10.1GB Deskstar GXP EIDE ATA-4 Hard Drive - Product Overview

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General Information
The IBM 10.1GB Deskstar GXP EIDE Hard Disk Drive is currently the fastest EIDE drive available from IBM for upgrading EIDE-based systems. It follows the tradition of the Deskstar family in providing a superior level of performance for a desktop drive.

The IBM 10.1GB Deskstar GXP EIDE HDD features the latest ATA-4 interface, which continues to include UltraDMA Mode 2 (also referred to as Ultra ATA), enabling DMA burst data transfers at up to 33 MB/s. This drive combines this high-powered interface with a typical average read seek time of 9.5 ms, a rotational speed of 7200 rpm, a large 512 KB buffer, and exceptional recording density of 2.8 GB per disk platter to provide outstanding performance for the PC user. This recording density is enabled by IBM's latest storage technology innovation Giant Magnetoresistive Effect heads.

The award-winning Deskstar GXP family of drives has received honors from some of the top trade journals, including PC Computing's "Best EIDE Drive 10GB and larger" (July 1998). When PC World asked leading PC manufacturers to submit their fastest 350 MHz and 400 MHz Pentium-based systems for a June 1998 review, eight out of nine systems tested included Deskstar GXPs. For the money, you can't buy a faster drive.

The IBM 10.1GB Deskstar GXP EIDE HDD has the industry standard SelfMonitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T.) feature. S.M.A.R.T. provides advanced warning of an impending drive failure when used with the appropriate software such as Netfinity.

The 10.1GB Deskstar GXP EIDE HDD can be purchased in single units, which include the drive, Ontrack(R) DiskGo!(TM) and Disk Manager(R) installation software, mounting screws, and a User's Guide.

The new Windows-based DiskGo! program nearly automates the drive installation and setup process for Windows 3.XX, 95, and 98 users. The program learns its system environment, asks a few questions about the customer's requirements, then proceeds to lead the customer through the drive installation and setup. For those periods when the computer must be turned off for physical drive installation, DiskGo! prints customized installation steps.

Warranty: 3 year limited Customer Carry-In Exchange

This product replaces:

This product was replaced by:

One box containing...

Marketing and FRU Part Numbers
World Wide...
Marketing part number -> 20L0548
FRU part number -> 10L6063

Additional Part Numbers
Part number(s) for ordering multiple quantities:

United States Retail information:
Retail Model Number -> HD548
Retail UPC Code -> 0-87944-47151-6

Associated FRU Part Number(s):

Product Dates
World Wide...
Announce Date-> 10/06/1998
Planned Availability Date-> 10/06/1998
Withdrawal Date-> Not Applicable
Effective Withdrawal Date-> Not Applicable

Technical Specifications
Performance Specifications as known at time of announcement:
Access time: 4.2 ms (average)

Buffer size: 512 KB

Max Data Rates:
Ultra DMA Mode 2: up to 33 MB/s
DMA Mode 2 Burst Data Transfer Rate: up to 16.6 MB/s
PIO Mode 4 Burst Data Transfer Rate: up to 16.6 MB/s

Sustained Data Rates:
up to 8 MB/s - 13 MB/s avg.

Formatted capacity: 10,100 MB

Interface type: ATA-4 (Ultra ATA)

Rotational speed: 7200 RPM

Seek time: 9.5 ms (Typical Average read seek time)

Physical, Environmental, and Compatibility Specifications as known at time of announcement:
Weight: * lbs (630 g)
Height: 1.00 inches (25.4 mm)
Width: 4.00 inches (101.6 mm)
Depth: 5.75 inches (146.0 mm)

Operating Temperature:

Relative Operating Humidity: low of 8% to a high of 90% (non-condensing)

Agency Approvals:

ENERGY STAR-Compliant: *. The ENERGY STAR emblem does not represent EPA endorsement of any product or service.

Hardware Requirements for IBM systems:
The 10.1GB Deskstar GXP EIDE HDD is supported on all models of the following platforms:

The 10.1GB Deskstar GXP HDD is compatible with systems that conform to the Enhanced IDE (ATA-4) interface.

The BIOS in some systems may prevent the user from accessing this high-capacity drive. For these systems, the Ontrack(R) DiskGo!(TM) or Disk Manager(R) software device driver provided in the option is required to utilize the full drive capacity. Follow the instructions provided to properly install the Ontrack software.

Hardware Requirements for Non-IBM systems:
No information available

Supported Operating Systems:

IBM will provide information on how to obtain an update for your computer that simultaneously supports Ultra DMA and hard disk capacities greater than 8.4GB if it is made available. See the IBM PC web site at http://www.pc.ibm.com/us for additional information.

Limitations: If the Ontrack Disk Manager is installed with OS/2, DOS must be installed in the primary partition with remaining logical partitions defined in DOS and set up with dual boot or Boot Manager.

Supported Software: Not Applicable

The system should provide sufficient outflow to maintain surface temperature below 60 deg C at the center top cover of the drive.

Requires Mounting Kit (01K1677) for second hard disk drive or Soft Mount Kit (01K5873) for 7200 rpm second hard disk drives and tape drives. Either can be purchased from Air Speed Inc. at (919) 304-5000 or internet at airspeed@interpath.com.

Document Note(s):

  1. The symbol * is used to denote that the information is currently unavailable for this product.
  2. All dates are represented in the US English format of mm/dd/yyyy (where mm=month, dd=day, yyyy=year).
  3. FRU stands for Field Replacement Unit. It is the part number used for ordering service/replacement parts.
  4. Effective Withdrawal means that on the given date IBM will have withdrawn the products from marketing. After that date, the product can not be obtained directly from IBM.

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