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Tape Drives - Questions and Answers

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Do tape drives work when connected to a RAID adapter?

Tape drives are NOT supported by optional RAID adapters but are supported by all onboard SCSI controllers, including Netfinity 5500 and 5500 Mxx onboard ServeRAID II which must be a dedicated channel (no RAID function is supported). No Tape drives are supported on ServeRAID 3H or ServeRAID 3L.

The following are the internal tape drives which support the ServeRAID II onboard in Netfinity 5500 and 5500 Mxx.


IBM 12/24GB DDS/3 4mm Internal Tape Drive


IBM 20/40GB 8mm SCSI Tape Drive


IBM 20/40GB DLT SCSI Tape Drive


IBM 35/70 GB DLT SCSI Tape Drive

ServerProven should be used to verify any possible addition or changes to the above list of supported tape drives in the Nefinity 5500 and 5500Mxx. URL: http://www.pc.ibm.com/us/compat/

When tape drives are used on RAID adapters the following errors may be generated in the error log:

SCSI device not responding.
No tape the drive.
The tape drive is busy
Unknown tape format.
The tape in the drive is not properly inserted
Tape drive error detected
Poll drive failed server error shutting off poll drive

Note that the CD drive light is blinking during these backup operations.

I have an IBM DualStor tape drive with the IBM DualStor Tape Backup Program for DOS/Windows. Can I use the DualStor software in a Windows 3.x or OS/2 DOS session?

No. The DOS version must be run in a plain DOS session (Windows must be exited first). In an OS/2 DOS session the program will not backup file Extended Attributes and will truncate HPFS long filenames, causing problems when you restore. For correct operation with OS/2 you need to upgrade to the OS/2 version of DualStor.

I have an IBM DualStor tape drive with the IBM DualStor Tape Backup Program for DOS/Windows. Is the DualStor software compatible with Windows 95?

Not completely. If you use long filenames they will be truncated, causing problems when you restore.

Can the IBM DualStor Tape Backup Program be used on a LAN?

Yes. The DOS/Windows version supports IBM PCLP 1.34, NetWare 3.1x, LANtastic 5.0/6.0, Windows for Workgroups 3.1x, and other NetBIOS-compatible networks. The OS/2 version supports IBM LAN Server 3.0/4.0, NetWare 3.1x, LANtastic for OS/2 1.0, and other NetBIOS-compatible networks.

Does the IBM DualStor Tape Backup Program have any limitations or considerations when used on a LAN?

Yes. When using IBM PCLP 1.34 the DOS/Windows version should be run on a redirector, where it can backup any servers that are available to the redirector. When run on a peer-to-peer network or non-dedicated file server, the tape drive and software may be on any workstation or server; but if it is installed on a dedicated file server, the tape drive and software must be installed on a workstation. The software must be run from the same workstation that contains the tape drive (but may backup data from other systems). The OS/2 version of DualStor will multitask with other OS/2 programs, however some files may be locked by other applications when DualStor tries to back them up. In this situation they will not be backed up. Also, the OS/2 version doesn't support TCP/IP network access (only NetBIOS).

Is the IBM DualStor Tape Backup Program for OS/2 CID-enabled?

No, however if you have multiple licenses of the software, you may install DualStor from a network server on to any supported computer with access to the server by copying the files from the DualStor Program Diskette to the server and running the Setup program.

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