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PCServer500 - Fitting tape drive etc. into the top left bay
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Can I fit a tape drive (or other device) into the top left bays of PC Server 500?.

You can fit a tape drive into the B bays of PC Server 500. A 3 drop cable runs from the C bank backplane to the CD-ROM (which is on the first drop). The second drop is available for use in bank B and the third drop carries a SCSI terminator.

Bank C is pre-wired to use ID's 0-5, the CD-ROM is ID 6 and the SCSI adapter is ID 7. Therefore, if you install a device in bank B you will use an ID that is intended for Bank C so you can't install a drive in the corresponding position in Bank C.
Mechanically, half height units will fit in bay B1, full-height devices will require the removal of the "glove box" as well as the bezel of B1 to free up the entire space.

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Document ID:  RMIE-38BESX
Last Modified:  1998-08-17
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