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PC Server 95 / 500 - Processor complex fails diagnostics
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Some customers have reported that the Pentium processor complex (either P60/P66/or P90) fail diagnostics when run on either a PC Server 500 , 9595 or 95A. The failure shows itself as a hang when running the Processor Complex test during running diagnostics (from the diagnostics diskette).

Problem Isolation Aids

There is NO HARDWARE FAULT with the processor complex. Download the latest diagnostic diskette. The problem only shows when the incorrect diagnostics diskette is used. For example, do not use diagnistics diskette level 2.31, when the system has flash level 04. Use level 2.32 instead. Using the correct level will let the complex pass all tests fine. Do NOT replace the complex.
Document ID:  GSMH-39WHYK
Last Modified:  1999-06-17
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