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Servers - DDS/3 4MM tape drive firmware update
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RETAIN tip H135467

An updated firmware revision has been released for the 12/24GB DDS/3 4mm Internal SCSI Tape Drive, Option part number 09N4041.

Affected configurations
The system is configured with the following IBM option:

  • 12/24GB DDS/3 4mm Tape Drive, Option part number 09N4041, replacement part number (FRU) 09N0982

Additional information
The firmware update contains many business critical feature enhancements and should be applied at earliest convenience to all 12/24GB tape drive units.
All of the change differences are discussed within the associated text file.
Of the most important changes noted, these are most critical:

  • the addition of code to ensure tape positioning for marginal media.
  • updates that specifically deal with Computer Associates ArcServe E6300 errors associated with the use of tape drives that share a SCSI bus.

The firmware update and the associated text file are available from this link.

Document id:  MIGR-4T4N8X
Last modified:  2002-02-07
Copyright 2002 IBM Corporation
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