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  PC Server 500 - Configuration (S/390)
PC Server 500 - Configuration (S/390)
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In addition to the configuration program for the Server 500 (see "Configuration (Server 500)"), a configuration program is provided for configuring the S/390 Microprocessor complex (see "Microprocessor Complex Configuration (S/390)").

The Server 500 Configuration Program requires the following information for each card (adapter) and device installed in the computer.
- .ADF ) and .DGF files. (Normally found on the option diskette for the card or device and must be installed on the default drive.)
- A device driver statement in the config.sys file. (Required for the computer to load the necessary files required to support the card or device.)

The device driver statement for the P/390 card should be the last statement (last line) in the config.sys file.
Document ID:  DDSE-3UXNFN
Last Modified:  2000-08-09
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